Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Then she sprinted away


Alhamdulillah I can still survive life

Pffffft. Ya Allah, how I miss blogging. One month away from this thing might be one of the most poisonous thing that could cause destruction to my whole body. For a kid whose free from boarding school once a month is like you just landed on earth and yell "Home, sweet home!" like crazy because you've been living on Saturn for a year. I just hate the part that I miss my friends badly there, but when I come home that feeling just vanishes. The ones I thought I'll always have close would forget me. I did expected this. My fault for expecting. No, not really. And now I'm out of words

Fact is I cannot get over the fact that I am no longer a Sungai Pusu student. Ewwwww, never thought I'd be saying this haha. Shit Aina, get over it! You don't go there anymore. Relax Aina, it'll go away before you even notice! *Pat at the back. I can't wait for Hari Anugerah. The sight of seeing everyone gathering at one place with their minds full of gracious memories of the greatest circle of friends to be reunited is delighting. The say if we wait for something, time seems to be running slow like snails stuck in a traffic. So for now I plan to live everyday with a smile. Hiding? Nahhhh, what is to hide? I'd prefer not to waste my life dengan muka belacan as Farid would say. 

F1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh How could I let my chance slip away!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't know why I started being so passionate about F1 but I do know it started the first time I set my foot at Sepang. Hehe, jakon :3 Takpelah, next year ada insya'Allah. Harap-harap masa cuti la kan. Luck would probably not be on my side when it comes to going home. SPMMMMMMMMMM. Whop, now this has gone just too far Aina, bring it back!

Good to know some people do miss me and still want to talk to such an anoyying person who brutally soft-puches them. Seriously, those punches were soft! Alas my plan to meet up with my bestfriend Hanif and Syamil failed. Still, I am so proud of them! And Kaklong! And more seniors! Gila, tengah cirit-birit sibuk nak tanya result SPM hahha. Since I have a hard time to go online, I took some time this morning and found something which I think is very very adorable  c:

Nope, not expecting this haha

This one either hahaha

Wa tak perasan poster tu selama ni -.-

Hello KRS :< farewell Pengakap!
Standing second from right :(

so. bye.