Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's make this happen girl

Took a little time to make it a little better,
It's only going out, just one thing and another
You know, you know

Let's make this happen, girl
You gotta show the world that something good can work
And it can work for you
And you know that it will

Let's get this started girl
We're moving up, we're moving up
It's been a lot to change
But you will always get what you want

Stronger than yesterday

There was this night at the prefect's camp when Ustaz Azlan played a video about Nick Vujicic . He was born without legs and arms . Fortunately, he has a little chicken drumstick xD Go search for him on the internet, he is famous and now a successful person . We read a piece of his biography . It stated that when he was 8y/o he tried suicide . It was because of the frustration of getting bullied at his school . That night before Ustaz Azlan played that video, he was going to pick some students to stand up on stage and well, talk . Talk about anything, just about anything . I wanted to but I don't know why I was being damn shy -.- After we saw the video, I was waiting for my chance to talk on stage . Why? Because The story of Nick Vujicic moved me . Especially the part where he did suicide . I didn't get the chance, so be it xD So let me speak here

I may be weak and I may be strong . That just depends on What The All-Mighty wants me to go through . Let me tell you something about myself . I grew up happy till the day I moved here, Kuala Lumpur . I've been teased and make fun of a lot . I still remember them calling me bola rugby, pisang, longjong and all sorts of names . I was a trash when I was 12 . I started saying bad words and well I changed to someone I don't know who . And well, I commit suicide at that age . I would grab a knife and just, well I guess you know what I mean . I couldn't stand the pressure I was going through . My parents, my teachers, my friends, everyone was relying on me

In the night, I'd go out for a walk and sing the song The Climb . Then I'd be talking to myself then led to a silent pray to The All-Mighty . And now, I'm the hostel's BADAR . Everyone couldn't accept it because of the fact that I'm not religious enough for them . I keep getting threats from anonymous people . People kept on judging me and seeing the bad side of everything . I get news on what people talk bad about me .  Backstabbed, used, frustrated, I kept on crying . Right now, my dad's condition is bad and its causing the whole house going mad . And about precious people who passed away . People putting an act infront of me . Boy issues and complicated feelings . Me having no time for myself with a busy schedule . Everythign was going wrong

Right now, I'm still trying my best to smile to hide everything from you guys . Cause its better to hide it . Because if I show it, you guys would only see the bad side of it and just won't give a damn . I started getting all vengeful and stuff . Then I realized, why do I need to care about that . I can figure it out and be stronger . Let alone those haters, they really need to learn how to use their time to live . I'm me, I'm happy, more than happy . I still got support from the people who loves me . I still got someone to run to . I can do this, I can face eveything . If I cry, I cry and I'll throw away all those disillusions and dissapointments . Then, I'm good to move on

Here I am . Still standing as if I'm a powerful, strong girl . I still get the nights where I'd cry silently to avoid questions . I would only be in tears for awhile then I'd be going crazy again . So people, believe in yourself . Don't worry about your reputation but worry about your character . Don't give up, everyone gets a chance . Its wether you grab it or you let it pass you by . Its wether you choose to get stuck in the past or go on with your life . Its all about how you face things in life . Goodluck with it guys

Us against the world

Ayat diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >.<

Today's boring -.- I bet everyday's gonna be boring now . Entahlah . Sekolah boring, cuti boring . I don't know what happened :\ Okay, tadi in the car on the way balik rumah suddenly phone vibrate . Siapalah pulaaak yang nak call aku  malam malam ni

1 missed call
Erza Fachreza

Huh, pelik gilaaaaaaaaaa . Usually I'm the one whose suppose to call him . But this time cred low so, sorry hunn :( Nanti bila I reload I call you . One hour on the phone everynight lagi boleh? xD Eh, rindu lah lagu Living In Your Eyes all the sudden . But the point is, why did he suddenly called? He misses me! *Eh, tolonglah Aina . Takde siapa yang akan rindu kau lah . Tak payah perasan* Errrr . Sampai je rumah, called him back . Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, sorry :D I memang PEKAK . Actually I nak jawab your call in the car but, no privacy . Hate that . How are you? Hows exam? Hows life? It must be easy to see you if I have my own driving license and my own car and my own money . Everyday drive pergi Kajang :D Hahahaha . Okay, dah start melalut --'

For once please, I just want someone who won't give up on me
You still haven't right?

Worth to voice out

I’m a liar because I won’t tell you everything . I’m stupid because sometimes I’m wrong and clumsy . I’m ugly because my face isn’t perfect . I’m a pushover because I like making people happy. I’m a loser because I’m not friends with your awesome group . I’m a fake because I’m too nice . I’m weird because I’m not like you . I’m fat because I eat when I’m hungry. I’m clingy because I don’t like to be alone . I’m no fun because I’m not always hyper. I'm a baby because I cry over ridiculous things . I'm a stranger because you don't know me . I'm invisible because I won't show my talent, my specialty, myself . I'm a fool because I let everyone use me . Don’t try to tell me who I am because I already know

Destined? If The All-Mighty wants to

Okay guys, listen up, hope you try it . I just did it, and it worked! Khurafat? Maybe . But there are some parts of it that in the end you'll agree with it . Enjoy!

Follow the rules got it? Unless it won't work ;)

1. Go with your first instincts
2. Make sure the names you're gonna write are the people you know and are still alive
3. Don't cheat

FIRST, get yourself a piece of paper and a pen . Remember to follow the rules

Write the number 1 until 11 on the paper, make sure you leave some space
Lets start with writing numbers beside the number 1 and 2
If you got a lucky number, write it ;)

Okay, now write the names of the opposite gender besides the number 3 and 7
Then write 3 names of your friends and family in space 4, 5 and 6

Done? Now Write the titles of  a song in space 8, 9, 10 and 11

Thats it, take your time to look back at what you wrote untill you're ready to find out why . Sorry if it's not true but it worked to me *DUHH, what a coincidence* So don't get mad :D

The number in space 1 is your lucky number
You have to tell the number of people you wrote in space 2
Moving on, the person in space 3 is the one you love :D
While your relationship with the person in space 7 can't work :(
The person in space 4 is the one you care about most
The person in space 5 knows you best ;)
The name in space 6 is your lucky star, sort of like an idol or something
Now, the song in space 8 is meant for the person in space 3
While the song in space 9 is meant for the person in space 7
The song title in space 10 is about what you think of life
And lastly, the song in space 11 is about what you're thinking in your mind

This is mine :) What a coincidence --'

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farid Zakwan

This time, I'm gonna post about a brother who I love so much ;')
Here he is

Just now, got the chance to talk to him for awhile . Heeeeeeeeeeeee, I miss this guy so much! And then all of the sudden the internet crashed -.- Ughh, jahanam xD Okay, his name is Muhd Farid Zakwan bin Muhd Yusak . He was born on the 15th October 1996 and is currently studying at SMK Saujana Impian, Kajang . We first knew each other through Myspace *He was a maniac back then xD* I remembered last year we planned to celebrate our birthday together . Last last, tak jumpa pun mamat ni . So, I walked around Mid Valley alone -.- I know, buduh je an xD He's a great guy . Banyak peminat xD Loves playing soccer . He has your back through thick and thin kan Farid? LOL Love you man




ke mana kau menghilang huh?

HAHA, internet aku kene potong doh
aku tngah on kat cc nih

sanggup gila weyh pergi cc pagi pagi buta

aku over the night

time aku nak off lah kau nbaru nak on
over the night? LOL xD
exam okay?

okay babe
aku last exam hari rabu

rabu minggu ni ke minggu depan?

minggu depan
pecah kepale otak aku study

exam apa yang kau belum amik?

geo sej bm 1 english seni
nasib baik math ngan sc dah habid

aku bm, bi dgn sc dah beres
maths mesti nak pecah kepala kan?

yeahh, mmg pon
aku buat 14 soalan dari 30 soalan :)
gempak kan

kaubiar betul -.-

ye lah mamcik
aku time tuh dah tak boleh buat ape dah
aina sat tauu aku nak off jap, japp jehh kau jngan offline plak tau aku rindu kaw <3
haha jap tauu
japp jehhh


kenapa tiba tiba off -.-

kan aku dah cakap tadii :(

tau, tapi kenapa?

mmber aku jatuh motor
super hro farid pergi tolong

astagfirullah, macam mana boleh jatuh motor?

die brake depan
kan hujan tadi
licin lah

beruntung kawan kau ada orang macam kau :D

haha farid kan
sape tak kenal
satu kenal kenal aku

LOL, perasan xD
malas lah puji kau

haha, alalaaa
ye lah :(

atok, main main je laaaaa
still single?

ye lah makcik kesayang

ingatkan kau still jiwang dengan makwe xD

tak de lah
aku nak single sekarang
study hard

heh, pmr nak dekat, goodluck
terutamanya maths

okay babe <3 thankss
Farid is offline.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Make me wanna smile




hasib syok kat ko,,

ingatkan dah jumpa orang baru -.-
Syuhaizat is offline.

Okay, aku mati mati ingat dia nak bagitau any information on Kelab Anti Dadah *yelah, pengerusi kaan* Rupa rupanyaaa, LOL xD Nice one Jad -.-

Lastnight, slept at 3o'clock in the morning . Belajar guitar dengan Zahar . Itupun sikit jea . Because dah syok menulis . While learning, I was texting Aizat . Then Zahar wanted to talk to him . Biarlah, asalkan dia bahagia :D This morning pulaaak, I spent all the time I had for jogging . Suddenly Mom rang at around 10 a.m. telling me to rush home for breakfast . Kayyy . Then buat reasearch lagu Justin Bieber yang new *Digital the best <33333* Bieber Fever is coming back :O Nahhhhh xD 

Today, picked up Mom's new car . This time, no shawls but back to scarfs . Weird, its been a long time since I wore one . Ibu tanya "Diaorang tak marah ke kalau tengok BADAR macam ni?" Then the both of us burst into laughs! Texted Amir :D  Hihi, I missed you man! Thanks for the support for all these years kay buddy . Those books I brang back home to STUDY is pushed aside xD Its no use if I bring back my homeworks or books . Right now, I'm still on Facebook . Chatting with Ayman, Daniell, Irfan, Hakim, Zati, Aliah and Amira . I can't get off the computer today . Its the only chance I get before tomorrow comes :(

Okay, I'm done here now, Sweet dreams people :)