Saturday, April 30, 2011

The end of the road

Prince Charming, I mintak maaf sangat sangat . But, I have to end this . I can't keep lying to myself anymore . I'm sorry we reached the end of the road for real this time . No more staying up late hearing you play the song Living In Your Eyes . No more extreme jokes . No more forever yours . Take care, I really hope we'd be friends . You really don't need to block me instantly . I malas la nak gaduh dengan you . Bestfriends okay? Have a great life young guitarist, soon to be a successful person in the future . You know the song My Wish from Rascal Flatts? Please listen to it if you have the time . I reckon the next girl whose going to fall in your arms is lucky . I don't jus say it, but I mean it . Thanks for loving me, I'm only hoping for the best from you . Blessed be :)

Friday, April 29, 2011


"assalammualaikum, aq nak wat satu pengakuan yang aq tak leh simpan lagi. pengakuannya ialah,,,,,,...... aq sebenarnye suke kat ko mase ko ngah kapel ngan afiqul lagi, tapi aq simpan jer perasaan tu. Aq tau ni merepek tapi hati aq kate memang ko yang aq suke dan sayang. Mase aq kat MRSM, aq selalu teringatkan ko, aq teringatkan senyuman ko mase kite sekolah dulu, gelak ketawa ko mase kat kelas dulu. klau ko nak tau lagi ko msj la aku."
Hehe, you're joking right dude?


I've been down the past few days . I couldn't smile . Everything was going wrong, EVERYTHING

Guys, sorry I crossed the line . I'm sorry I can't be the person you expected for . I'm sorry for breaking your fragile hearts . I'm sorry for getting  angry at you . I'm sorry for pissing you off . I'm sorry for putting up a fight . I'm sorry for making you drown in your tears . I'm sorry for making you ashamed . I'm sorry for messing up with your head . I'm sorry I keep pissing everyone . I'm sorry for not doing a good job . I'm sorry for not showing a good example . I'm sorry for blaming you

I'm sorry but this was not a good week for me . Actions speaks louder than words . I can't describe it with words . I just can't take it


This is one is special for you Zahar . I'm really sorry for what happened to your family . I wish I was there by your side . No wonder just now you kept on strumming the same chords over and over again . And sorry, aku tak ingat laa tajuk dia . Sekarang dah :D Down to Earth by Justin Drew Bieber . At first, I don't get the story . But then, you were in tears  telling me about your parents . Life is a rough road my dear friend and its just the beginning . You haven't seen anything yet

Zahar, you can go through this kan? I know you're stronger than me . You can overcome these obstacles . You won't let anything get in your way . Everything  happens for a reason . Everyone in your life is here for a reason . Don't let it bring you down . Forever Strong Brother :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Walk

Finally home! Just got home lastnight . Great . Yesterday, I participated in the Kawad Kaki Pengakap Peringkat Daerah, we won thrid place! Yeay! Its worth it you know? We've only practised for a week . And Abang Ipan was like "It's going to be a miracle for you guys" LOL . Plus, only four schools sent their girls scouts for the competition . So, no wonder we won second last! The best part was that, we marched in the heavily pouring rain . I was shaking to death wearing those wet uniforms . Then the sun came up, I'm gooooood xD

In the bus? With low-temperatured air conditioners, yeah, you can tell everyone was shaking . Arrived at school and took pictures with the team and then hit 7e and the restaurant next to it *sorry, tak ingat nama restaurant tu xD* with Maisarah Fuad, Afiqah Rahma and Nur Fatin Hannani . Ate nachos and cheese . Never knew Maisarah was a big fan of cheese too! Rahma and Fatin went home first leaving the two of us . We made our way to the hostel to pack and clean up . Then, went downstairs and chatted at the big stairs . Maisarah was finishing my Cheese Crackers . I told her to take it home with her . Then her mom came and she immideately ran outside . I chased her but, I'm worn out! So, I finished it alone instead

Maam called, thank you :) And thanks for teh necklace honey . Okayy, I was so bored I took a walk around the school ground . Aizat called *jawab je laah* Suddenly, a dog was barking at my way . Okay, guess you guys know what happened next kann? Kene kejar dengan anjing lagii sekali -____- Lari lintang pukang! xD Dahlah tengah on the phone =.= Sakai gilaa . Last last, I just sat down with an innocent face, trying to catch my breath in my dorm . Called HIM <3 . Babyfaced? Hahahhahaa . Went home late . I reached home, I landed myself on my bed and fell asleep! That explains how exhausted I was, and I still am exhausted now to have the strength to go back to school

Tomorrow, penyampaian hadiah for kawad . Kene pakai uniform -.- . Khamis nanti baru dapat pakai baju sekolah yang putih suci xD Homeworks? Don't ask . Its still going to be a busy week . Where the heck did my voice went? I need it back for the Choral speaking on my birthday . Thank You Allah! Otherwise, kene tepung la kalau ada koko -________- I'm done here, deuces people :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey guys! I lost my voice =.= Masuk Kawad for the first time xD LOL, Byeee

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy as ever

It's Sunday! Going back to school laterr . Okay, tak tidur lagi nii =.= LOL . And sorry to Maam, Hakim and Mimi . Especially Maam and Mimi . Maam, sorry tak jawab calls, I'm trying to get not so addictive to texting anymore xD Oh and you should try and listen to the song You're Not Stubborn from Two Door Cinema Club . And Mimi, sorry because you had to walk me and watch me get into my house xD Okay, I'm a scaredy cat . So what? Everyone has something they fear about :) Lastnight, I finished packing earlier so that I get to practise this morning, and I did until around 1 p.m.? Nahh, can't remember xD

Kak Amelia bebel panjang lagii xD LOL, sorry Kak . I can't take it too serious, cause I'll lose my mind . And thanks for teaching me :) Public speaking? Unprepared! Hahahahahhahahahahaha . To Miss Anonymous, seriously lets talk about it . I don't know who you are and what I did to you that makes me a pain in the ass to you . We should talk not FIGHT . Fighting is getting old and it seems to me that you're not mature enough . Sorry but no offense, I just wanna talk and not FIGHT . Get my point? Deuces Miss anonymous :D

Hope this week won't be so hectic . Take care people :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Seriously I'm sooooooooo bored today . The best part of today is bought Caramel Frappucino and a new phone charger . Facebook? Chatted with Kak Mayamin, Farid, Hanif and Hakim :) *Yang lain tak ingat xD* Oh, has anyone noticed that theres a lot of ghost stories this April . I've seen Penanggal, Setan Budeg and Khurafat *AGAIN* tonight . Except for the movie Amusement . It was about some mad man . And then theres this upcoming series > Misteri Alam Hitam and so on I can't remember . But seriously, this gives me the creeps . It's APRIL and theres a lot of eerie movies and series coming on the month I was BORN . Mimi, Zahar, Elias, you guys are gonna have to walk me till I get inside my house . I mean that

MEF, you're joking right? You've been pulling the same prank on me . I don't think it works this time :P And don't make it happen for real . You know that I care for you . Please, don't give up on me

Friday, April 1, 2011


Next time, if you don't know anything, don't try to act smart and put the blame on me . You don't need to make up stories . You should've just locked your mouth since you don't know anything . You once told me that you hate people talking rumours about you . But you're doing the same thing . As I hold on to the sayings "What goes around comes around"


Digging deep

This week has been hectic and crazy and busy . Everything was coming at once . It's like to kill 6 birds with one stone . I tried to balance everything, I knew I couldn't . I gave the best I could but still, I couldn't manage to do everything at a time . Unless I have 6/7 of me . Homeworks? Don't even ask . I've missed classes and theres a lot I need to work on . I don't know if I could catch up with everyone else in the class . I've been so tired and that just messes up my mind
MONDAY, 28th MARCH 2011
 I needed to show up for Public speaking auditions, Debate auditions, Prefects meeting, Silat and the Persatuan Pantun SMKSP's discussion . These 5 events were happening at once . I didn't get the oppurtunity to show up for Silat and the Persatuan Pantun SMKSP's discussion . But, my dreams came true . I'm a prefect, I'm a debater, I'm a Public Speaker reserve and the school's DJ xD About the DJ thing, its kinda funny xD I don't know why! LOL . Tears started to hit the floor . I felt uneasy, not overwhelmed . I cried infront of Maam then chatted with Fatimah, Fatin and Maam . That put my mind off about for awhile, JUST for awhile
Then came along Badan Dakwah dan Rohani Asrama . I pushed aside my homeworks, focusing on just debate . I was under loads of pressure . Oh, and we lost . We're on the government team for the motion "This house believes that beauty is more important than brains in todays world" . Heck, of course we lost! xD Everybody knows that BRAINS is more important than beauty =..= Anyways it was fun! Extremely fun! I wanna do this again *HEHE*
I talked with Maam from the end of school hours until 3.30 p.m. . Ate 3 ice-creams today xD I made my way upstairs to check my class . I went through my books and found my English Essay book . I've been waiting for them! Wow, I aced all three of my essays . There's even cmompliments saying "You guys are such good friends" and "Nice lyrics!" and more xD Now that is what I call satisfaction :) My phone's dead and the charger isn't working, heh, okay that's not satisfaction -.-' Gosh . Prince Charming, its hard to contact you now . I miss you

Going through those papers

 Looky what we got here . This is a piece of Allahyarham Faris Zulkifli work,

darkness hides in different forms
see beyond shape colour lies
and emotional storms
Pay with your heart though trust cannot be given

see with the soul and not your eyes
because to dance with the beast
you must penetrate their disguise

dreams become desires
reality changes with reason
trust your truth
hear with your heart
see with scorn
love will not lose
trust his truth
his promise is proof
the test is time
faith frees
if there is courage to change

you must tell your heart
the cloak of secrets smothers