Saturday, June 8, 2013

Holidays? The End

I'm hours away from heading back to Sepintar. My homework undone, my belongings undone. Cuti habis dah huh . That's not why I'm still sitting in front of a laptop updating my blog with no one reading hahahhahahah. Okaylah so these days, majority of my Facebook friends have been posting statuses related to the word couple, love and Allah. Its common that teenager's mentality about having a boyfriend, being in a relationship and wanting to be loved and appreciated. At this age it is important that they think maturely so that a fairytale doesn't turn into a tragic disaster in the end

Being a 'Couple' seems to be a trend among the teens, and there is no doubt that some of these 'Couples' would say things like "I will never leave your side", "I promise to love you forever", "We will get married and have our own kids" . Cliche. Dahlah, nak memartabatkan BM hahha. Okay so most them yang couple ni lupa kepada hukum yang telah Allah tetapkan. Mereka tersasar daripada jalan yang benar berlandaskan syariat Islam. Cinta itu lumrah manusia dan tiada sesiapa boleh menghalang seseorang untuk menyintai seseorang. Cinta itu menjadi haram apabila menyintai seseorang sehingga menimbulkan nafsu syahwat. Cehh lepas lagi la kan, nope tak lepas lagi. Couple itu tetap salah kerana ia melalaikan kita kerana kita hanyut dengan keseronokan dunia. Tetap salah kerana menghubungi pasangan tanpa urusan yang penting dan munasabah. Tetap salah kerana rentetan itu mendekati maksiat, perbuatan yang terkutuk. Tetap salah kerana ramai yang mengenepikan Allah, agama dan Ibu Bapa. Tetap salah sebab ramai yang terlanjur memegang tangan, tidak menjaga aurat, tidak menjaga pergaulan dan lain-lain yang saya yakin kita semua tahu.

Perempuan di usia remaja ni ramai yang letakkan teman lelaki sebagai kepentingan untuk hidup, priority. Normally jugak perempuan yang tak dapat kawal emosi, selalu berlebihan. Perempuan seandainya kau tahu betapa mulianya engkau! Cinta yang mengikut syariat dan niatnya kerana Allah itu sangat indah. Sangat-sangat indah sehingga saya tidak mampu nak jelaskan bagaimana but this video could explain a bit. Video ni lebih kepada perempuan yang Muslimah. Martabat seorang perempuan itu diangkat oleh Allah. Indah luaran, indah peribadi. Bercakap dengan penuh hikmah. Wahh, susah tahu nak bercakap dengan hikmah, susah nak dapat ilmu hikmah. To be ohnest video ni macam tak tepat dengan apa yang saya cakapkan but takpelah. Sedikit sebanyak, video ni dapat membantu

Arghhhhh tak sempat nak sambung, balik asrama! Goodluck seniors yang dah selamat dan bakal melalui orientasi! But I will continue and elaborate more ont his topic. Another month and a half of leaving this blog deserted, tabahlah Aifa!

Friday, June 7, 2013

4th of June 2013, Don't forget to remember me :(

A minute ago time was in a traffic of snails to me, but now Mr. Holiday is almost finishing his sentence of the last chapter of his new novel. Ready to put a fullstop. I bet every kid under the age of 17 is praying really hard and trying their best to distract Mr. Holiday from even finishing another word. I thought I just left the grounds of Sepintar minutes ago. The next blink of my eyes I'll be in class angry at myself for not finishing my homework and panicked that my clothes are all unironed and in my locker and the next day is Monday. If only we could buy time that'll be cool. On second thought maybe not

Last Tuesday, I was given a chance to meet up with my beloved Bestarians, but just some of them. As always, I expected everyone was there, yup, from Zulkarnain to Sofea. But uhh, 7 was okay. We all went for a karaoke, spent some time in the arcade. Me and Hajar watched Kil which was very very predictable. Husna, Dalila and Mia showed up fashionably late so we sorta separated from them :/All ready for After Earth before I head back to Sepintar or maybe when Outing Day comes. We walked around Wangsa Walk Mall and finally decided to settle down and have our lunch at A&W. That's where all the chaos starts over and over again. We talked, catching up with each other since most of us there were the ones who are now in a new environment. Insya'Allah guys, the next reunion will be at my own backyard. Doalah ea kalau nak lol. We called it a day around 5. Akmal gave us a downright rude goodbye -.- haha It was fun even if we didn't do much. Thank you guys for fulfilling my somewhat the most important thing to do this holiday. Seeing you guys was a priority to me. I needed it to assure myself that we won't leave each other. Its better that we're all far apart but feel really close rather than the other way around. I'm a very dissapointed about those who are slowly putting us behind them when I'm stuck at a place I don't want to be wasting my time wishing and thinking about you guys. It was like a razor-sharp blade really did a good job stabbing my back to hear about those who have changed but not on the right track.

We all know you can't keep gluing a mug up over and over again, the glu wouldn't last long enough to keep the pieces together. And now I realised that was exactly what I'm trying to do and there is nothing to stop it since I'm away to keep reminding you guys, telling you what you've did wrong, showing you what you couldn't see, dragging you to listen to my special speech. What a ride guys, and I hope you really cherished those moments we had as much as I do. Please be good, you don't wanna see me in Friday morning in Sungai Pusu chasing you then grabbed you with your shirt and treat you with my knuckles. Be careful if it does happen haha, I can rip you into pieces in no time. Don't forget that my love is your love

Zakkir (KUSSES), Akmal Rizal (Syed MASHUR? tah) Danial, Aisyah, Hajar (MRSM Parit Buntar), Me, Ain (SBPI Batu Rakit) and Sofea

The best part of the day, talking.


I was singing at the top of my lungs and turned around to find them
taking pictures without me. Ini melampau -,-

We sure wish to come back, but only do we know as we say the words
our hearts knew the truth