Friday, September 24, 2010

Guys please take note of this

Girls, you're young to be in love . When you've found your
first love, you'll be hoping too much . Somehow, your heart could break
when it couldn't last the way you expected it to be . So be careful .
Your heart is truly fragile and its hard to put the pieces back
together . Everything that you ever were, fades but not
the hurt . Like I said, It was her left eye teared, but her
heart that cried

Fairy, come to me

I could really use
a wish right now

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friends are the best, Always

Hey guys! Weird right? What's weird? I have no idea . LOL . Weekend was not that exciting, seriously . But it did turned out really great . I've been contacting some of my Bukit Indah classmates . You can't imagine whats it like that theres no awkward situation or anything weird happening . Of course, some people feels like theres not much to talk about since it was a long time they didn't talk to eachother

Wow, miss the old days when we use to chase eachother, right Danial and Daniell? And the day when we talked about ghost stories when the teachers not in class, right Dayang and Nasyitah . Oh, and Gotong-Royong Day . We had so much fun in the computer lab, right Dayang? Fadzli? Nabil? Birthday parties! Haha, I remembered everyone was bickering about sitting next to Nabilah . Nabilah was everyones favourite . And when the boys in out class made a freak show . Just rocking and being the class clowns and having fun . That was us, right guys?

Gosh I missed you guys . And it would be wonderful to meet you guys again . Lets make a reunion! My thats not a very good idea since some of us are boarding school kids . Hang-outs? I don't even know if I can get out of the house and go watching movies, go bowling, shop till we drop or even just take a walk and just talk .

You are the greatest person in the world who I've ever met
You are the best among the bestest
The one whose beside us through the highs and the lows
Who cares most and the person we always rely on
Who knows us best in every way
Sometimes I think you're better than my family
But theres no difference in what you give
I'm truly blessed by having you as my buddy
So lets make it last forever, I love you friend

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Tired of Drama

Look , I'm done with all this commotion . Yes I do miss my friend, yes you Maryam . Infact I even dreamt about us being all SITERSISTER . All I want is peace . So lets forgive eachother kay ? I use to hold on to the sayings " FORGIVE & FORGET " . But I messed everything up again . Then situation went all havoc crazily . And I went high all the sudden . I'm forcing myself to go with the flow but it made it worse . I have to say this out loud, even if I'm not smackin this word infront of everyones faces . So here goes,


I heard so much stories that I'm not able to share . The truth is they never knew me right? They just went off judging everything I do, everything I wear, every word I spoke. It was like a new hobby, judging a book by its cover . Do they even know the real Aina Farihah ? Can I ask you, are you able to answer correctly every question about me? Do you know any of the answers to all the questions? Do you? I think you'll just close your eyes and shoot wherever you think the target is. Please don't pretend, it'll make a fool out of you . Trust me, it can bring a huge emberassment . And don't pretend to be nice to me . Guys I know everything from the start . You guys don't have to fake anything . I know by the way you guys are "trying really hard" to treat me . So tha'ts why I'm still questioning myself . Some said I changed, Some said they're different . But I think we're all the same . We all have those annoying sides in our personalities that we're aren't able to throw it away. Imagine yourself walking in mine or whoever's shoe . You must be tired of all the bullying, teasing and something like that everyday . Everyone has to respect one another right? So do we need to hate someone for their imperfection? NO!
So guys, my point now is , Eidilfitri is coming . So I hate to hate someone on such a blessful day . Because Eidilfitri is all about forgiveness . So I'm sorry . And we all have to learn to accept others . Like you accept what you can do and what you can't do . But it doesn't mean you're a failure . Nobody is created to be so perfect . Even Prophet Muhammad isn't perfect . And lastly , Happy Raya everyone . Best wishes to all form5 for their upcoming SPM trial . Hope you enjoy the happiness on the wonderful upcoming day . Maaf Zahir & Batin