Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stepping into the castle

Another day, another story
Tomorrow's my little sister' birthday, Amani Fauzah . She's going to be 3! Soon enough, there'll be no children in this house . Oh wow -.- Today's Sunday, and that means its time I leave home again . Tonight, asrama ada buat perarakan . Oh, bestnyeee . Trial this Wednesday . Tak sentuh pun buku xD Buku novel consider lagi xD

Farid, sorry la cerita separuh jalan . Seriously, aku susah nak online and aku sibuk gilaa . Kak Opie, I miss you too! Kak Faqihah, akak pakai num yang mana sekarang? Confuse la . Abe, Aina minta maaf sangat sangat sebab tak balas lagi surat tu . Lagipun, susah nak jumpa dekat sekolah kann? Sunil and Tarreq, sorry . Dah kana balik asrama dah . Syahmi, annoyying xD Kak Ara, be strong ea? Hope she's in a better place . Hanif, Q A? Oh wow . Maam, another week of not-gonna-see-you-much :( Erza, we don't talk much these days kan? Nevermind :)

Guys, take care

Friday, February 25, 2011

Over the moon

These days, not many realizes the beauty of being a Muslim :) Look around . What happened?
People, The All-Mighty is the one who gives us life . We breathe the air The All Mighty creates . The All Mighty is the one giving us happiness . Giving you a good day . Giving you awesome friends and fantastic parents . Giving you wealth, health and success . Say Alhamdulillah . The All Mighty is the one testing us with pain . You lost someone you love . You fail on your task . Getting stressed out feeling like tearing your hair and just lock yourself up in your room weeping on the disasters happening to you . Don't you understand it? Allah gave us free will but we are the ones taking the wrong turns . We decide our future . We decide what to do, good deeds or just pile up a galaxy of sins . There are blessings in disguise for everything we do
Tell me now, do you remember The All Mighty each and everyday of your life? Say it loud . Come on! I can't hear you man! LOUDER!

So now, I just want you to go and make yourself a better person . Don't forget who you are . Don't worry because Allah is always there watching you, taking care of you . Its just you who has to make the right decisions . When you're having a blast, remember, it comes from Allah . When you're misreable, remember, gather yourself up and don't think its always you the one going through a whole lot of stress, Allah is challenging you

You'll find peace my friend by meeting with Allah . Such a beautiful thing

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can't believe it! Its already Sunday and its time for me to leave home . Ibu? Abah? Pleasee? Taknak balik sanaa . Taknak asrama . Aina? Perlu ke kau balik sanaa? Hold on, you got 5 months lagi Aina . Hold on . Erza, you did great! Eventhough you bawak lagu lain, you did great! I'm gonna miss you! Journal Faris is in my bag, I certainly don't wanna leave it home . I need it . Prince Charming, I love you, take care


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping You In My Memory

Thank Allah Zahar call . He was really pissed because its been, I don't know 4? 5 days tak turun? Entahlah, I can't remember . Zahar sorry, this weekend is time for me to wake up late xD He told me to wear something pretty and get ready at the pool at 4.15 pm . We're going to Faris's house! Oh Yeay! Okay, onlined and chatted with Kak Faqihah, Rizal and Prince Charming .Zati, I miss you girl! Haha

Okay, bagitau ibu nak pergi rumah Mimi . Memang nak pergi rumah Mimi dulu pun . Ibu bagi! Ha yeay, terus pergi rumah Mimi . Lambat 15 minutes, put the blame on Mimi . Sama je perangai dengan Kaklong . "This one makes me look fat" and "No, I look like a clown covered with mud wearing that" and "I look normal" Whatthe? Of course you're suppose to look normal man . Zahar hantar text "trus jmpe at umah arwah" Okay, kiteorang sampai je Zahar dengan Elias tengah bukak kasut and Puan Aini welcomed us with a warm smile

Encik Zulkifli couldn't join us, he was in a rush for a meeting . He greeted us and off he went . We talked a lot, mostly about Faris . Puan Aini told us what he likes, his interests and well the past memories with him . She even passed out some certificates, photo albums of him and we checked it out . Faris was really handsome when he was young until his last day . He was a really really great guy too . Wow, no wonder Kak Fatihah sayang dia sangat . Be strong ea Kak? I'm sure He's smiling down on us, you now :) We asked for permission to check out Faris's room and maybe keep some of his stuff . Wow, Puan Aini said yes

Zahar took a pair of Faris's sneakers while Elias took two of his t-shirt . They were like "Its not like we're gonna wear it la Aina eventhough its gorgeous" Pffft = =' Dah agak dah . Mimi kept Faris's paper work . He writes a lot *Heh, bolehlah tengok tengok sikit poem dia xD* I kept some of it too, Me and Mimi are gonna exchange them . I took his bandana and one of his journal . No its not a diary . Oh wow, I just love reading everything he writes . Puan Aini and Encik Zulkifli, you guys are so lucky to have a son like him

Puan Aini made us tea and served biscuits . She knows how to bake super delicious cookies and cakes . I remembered the day when Faris's gave us homemade chocolate chip cookies . It was scrumptious . And then his mom made us caramel . It was really delicious . We said our goodbyes and went home . I changed into my shirt and pants . Ate half of my ice-cream . Then the door bell rang, Kaklong's home . She was telling me how fun it was with Rahim . If I didn't have to babysit my sisters, I would've been telling my sister how much fun I had with Erza . Too bad I had to cancel it, sorry honey

Nak siap pergi beli barang nak balik Hell =.= Byeeeeee

Rinduuuuuuuuu kau lah! Kita dah lost contact kann? Hmmm

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You found me

Prince Charming, ich liebe dich in allen sprachen der welt, mein gerz
*I love you in every language in the world*

What you mean to me

Someone asked me a few days ago "Why do you love him sooooo much?"

I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I talk to him . He treats me like a queen . I love gentlemans like him . He loves pulling pranks on me T____T He is FAT, heeeeee :D He's a story-teller . He's a kind person with a good heart . The best part is, dia manjaaaaa, kan kann? :D Call me obsessed, I don't care . I love this guy . I don't need your opinion about him . He won't stop making me smile, I respect that . I'm lucky to have him, and I suppose you're jealous xD You should . He's the best I've ever had . Thats right, you're the best I've ever had Prince Charming

1st February 10

 Hung out with Syamil and Hanif on the 1st of February . I was suppose to be alone . But, lebih baik duduk rumah kalau alone . So, ajaklah diorang . I wanted to rang Maam but, ala, the answer would still be no T___T Oh shit . Huh, keluar lambat gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as usual, never early . I looked like a hardcore chic xD Wearing wedges and looking all black and white . Yup, I'm different at school with that Tudung labuh paras siku . And I hate wearing it because I feel like I'm pretending

Sampai sampai je dah nampak Hanif . Walk to WWM with the strong wind blowing . Met Syamil at the bowing center and bought tickes for Khurafat . Jumpa budak bekas SMK Sg Pusu . Bowl first game, Hanif won . Second, Me and Syamil tie =.= Conclusion, each of us won! And then, went to Marry Brown for lunch . Tiba tiba dapat text from Kimi saying " owh dating ha kt wngsa walk" Turned around, how did he know I'm here . Whateve . No, I didn't ate . So I just watched the two of them stuffing chicken rice in their mouths and sipping drinks . Habis makan, separate . They performed the solah while I'm looking at books at Popular Bookstore . Hmmm, that book is not here

Hanif sorok waffle dalam pocket xD Khurafat was scaryy, eerieeeeee . Scarier than I though it'd be . My whole body were of muscles, I covered my face like half of the movie, the part where the scary thing would appear . Tapi paling best time dalam kereta jenazah tiba tiba radio tutup . Keranda buat bunyi . And then that thing muncul . Whoa, memang tak tercabut jantung xD The movie ended and I was still of muscles . Got out of the cinema and my back was stiff . Oh great . Saw Fikri =.= Thank Allah he didn't notice me . Naik atas, saw Qayyum -.- Thank Allah once again, he too didn't notice my absence . If they do, I bet they'd be like "Astaghfirullah, ni ke badar?" I hate wearing that tudung labuh paras siku . Why? Because I'm pretending . I'm different when you see me outside, not at the school compound

Then, walked to the LRT station . Yeay, you guys get to watch me leave first ^ ^ Klcc was still crowded with people . Bought a pizza and coke . Finished eating, off to Kunikoniya, saw Ayman -.- Went to Cold Storage and met Kaklong with Lala and Nana . Aww, they're short! Lala is now wearing spectacles . Rahim punya specs pulak senget . Dapat duit, pergi NOSE Shoe store . On the way to Kinokuniya, terserempak dengan Abe! Sembang kejap and took a picture with him . Dia nak belanja mocha as promised but next time je lah ea Abe? Dah kenyangg ^ ^ Bought the book Ruined, I love it . Suddenly a girl tegur, it was Kak Lynn! Aww, I missed you missy! Then off to Mid

Mom picked us up . Sumpah penat, my feet were worn out . Celebrated Dad's birthday at Chili's Grill Bar . I was the first to finish my meal, and slept all the way . Okay, penat, byeeeee xD