Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello Syawal

#Last minute shopping

Okay, mimpi pontianak -.- Sedar-2 dada rasa berat gilaa, nafas pun tercungap-cungap . Baru pukul 5 -.- Haisyoo

Awaaaaaak, Happy Eidulfitri :) Maff Zahir dan Batin . Maafkan kita ea? Kita banyak sangat buat salah dengan awak semua :( 2 Bestari, classmate tercintut, sorry sebab takmau bagi ucapan time buka puasa hari tu . Kita bagi ucapan memanjang lama, bernanah telinga awak semua dengar nanti xP Aspuri-pura, sorry sebab tak jadi Badar yang awak semua harapkan . Kita masih sedang usaha untuk menjadi Badar terbaik untuk awak semua . Awak semua tolong kita ye? Dorong kita ke jalan yang lurus . Teachers and student body of SMK Sg Pusu, sorry sebab tak jadi pengawas yang awak semua harapkan *sorry kalau Imtiaz Ramadhan tidak menarik* Sorry buat perangai yang entah apa apa entah, kurang hajo dengan awak semua . Sorry asyik keluar kelas, tak siapkan homework *tak patut kau jadi pengawas Aina -.-* Kalau kita ada umpat awak, pukul awak, sakitkan hati awak, tipu awak, curi barang awak, minta diampunkan ye . Hari ni semua senyum, tak ada nak sedih-2 kay? K, byeee

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nothing but happiness

Ain Afiqah, I just read your blog, your post about last Thursday . Ala ciannyeww kawan kiteww nieyh :( Aina to the rescue! xP

Firstly, janganlah sebut pasal aku pumping tu -.- Sumpah maluuuuuuuuu dohh . Chill, time silat kene buat more than 10 you know? Haha . Useful masuk silat, too much advantage xD Second, you didn't dissapoint me la Ain! Ya Allah, I'm not even mad at you . Look Ain, really its just a small thing honey :) I didn't mind if you didn't wanna help me with the bunga gula . After all, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't even wanna do it too . But since Ustazah Haryati needed someone to help give them out to all the teachers with the rushing situation and the busy look on her face, I stepped forward . Its not like I'm gonna get the chance to help her again right? After all, there couldn't be a reason why I'd get mad at you . Third, this is just the beginning for something much more than that Ain . You gotta be stronger and not run and hide in the closet . Crying doesn't mean your a baby . Ala, aku pun cengeng xD Infact, theres a lot more people out there who cries *actually everyone does -.-* Alhamdulillah, now you understand the burden I carry around . Some understood me, some made up rumors . Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and face what ever that's coming . One day, you're gonna one powerful woman, WOMAN . Insya'Allah if He wills it . Don't let yourself drown in your problems, you got your family! Your friends *your freaking classmates!* You got me! Cheer up kay? Teeehee

Lastly, Happy Eidulfitri guys, Ain . I didn't get the chance to apologize to everyone so, I'm just gonna do it here . Sorry for hurting your feelings, destroying your dignity . I know I'm not good enough but people make mistakes and they learn . From white to balck, in a wink of an eye . From black to white, it takes a long time . Let bygone be bygone and have a new start . Haters, I forgive you but I owe you a thank you . I'm not that vengeful kind of type anymore *I've changed, yipee! xD* So I'm not keeping any hard feelings, it feels gooooooooood, muahaha xD . Stay safe, have a blast

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hihi, I'm waiting

Prince Charming, you ingat tak you hantar text a little something like this one? But yours saying that you can't sleep because of me, haha xD Then, you told me to text you when I'm awake . Awwww, I miss those old times . I remember myself rolling in bed finding it hard to sleep because of you too . Last-2 berjalan dekat parking lot . Bila nak naik lift, terkejut gilaa T_T Because time pintu lift bukak, lift tu gelap and then baru lampu dia bukak . Memang meremang dekat situ lah kan -.- Haha

Sweet little past

I remembered last Friday night Aspuri had this meeting where everyone are saying sorry, wishing goodluck for upcoming exams and crying . Badar too actually but, they insisted Aspuri's Badar to go to that sesi-berminta-maaf . I was fine, saying sorry and hugging some seniors and juniors . Some recalled memories, about us living in the same dorm and how it used to be . Then came Kak Jera

My eyes started to get all watery and stuff . Its gonna be different next year . No more staying up late listening to her ghost stories or telling the whole story of a novel . No one else is gonna be in the dorm if I'm going to school late . No one else pushing me to appreciate an admire . Its great to live in the same dorm with her . Then Kak Amni, my bedmate xD Haaa, no more seeing her sleep everytime I get back from school . No more getting mocks from her . No one offering food xD Then, Kak Nabilah . That time, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore . I cried out everything . No one else to run to about Scouts anymore . No one to talk to about Kelana or an admire . No one who reminds me of Kak Faqihah but her . Gosh, lagi teruk nangis *cengang gilaa na -.-* After that, Kak Sa'adah pulok . Once nangis memang susahla nak berhenti kan . No more hearing her sing while we're all spooked out listening to ghost stories . No one else to run to when it comes to guys . No one asking how they look . No more getting teased at school everytime we run into each other . I'm sure gonna miss all that

Never thought I could this close with them *dah kau asingkan diri sape suroh -.-*  Oh, and because of them jugak, I'm reading malay novels -.- Hahaha xD Ni pun belum habiskan lagi novel Selagi Ada Dia . Aishh, kalau tengah kumpul dengar senior cerita pasal novel, semua angau nak kahwin cepat xP Haha . Badar Aspura dah tunggu lama, so I stopped halfway . I didn't get the chance to shake hands with my own batch . Bukan rezeki kau Aina :') Well first, Badar Aspuri form 2 semua plan nak cabut naik asrama . But, last meeting, pergi je la kan . Exco kita dah lari dulu =.= Haa, kitaorang pun pandai-2 la cover jawab soalan, haha . Tah kenapa tibe-2 sayang pulak dengan asrama tu . Tunggu la, form 3 nanti I'm gonna work my tail off and nail all the exams and get out of there . Then, I'm gonna study abroad and make money there and come back to prove everyone that I can . Then, kahwin xD Haha, Insya'Allah

Working on it

Okay, since I lost my phone, I've been working for the money . Dad still doesn't know . Hoping he doesn't find out till I replace it . So last Wednesday, me and Zeenath surfed the Internet . We checked out Samsung, Nokia, Huawei . Nahhh, no more Samsung Galaxy Gio :P Huawei Android is kinda cool but, nahhhh . Finally, I found the one :3


Haihhh, geram aku tengok phone ni . Guess harga dia on sale right now :]

RM 1399

Biasa la tu . Phone comel, harga pun nak comel jugok . Haaaaaaa, I got a long way to go to get this baby, wish me luck on that

I wanna go

Just got back from school (Y) And I'm not gonna come back for a week *raya punyaa pasal xD Thank you Raya!* Ramadhan has almost come to an end . Everyone is excited about the upcoming Eidulfitri . I can hear everyone talking about their new outfits and cookies they're baking . About open houses and duit raya . Haha, all those smiles everyone is wearing makes me happy

Since its the last day of school in Ramadhan today, the whole school is wishing their friends and teachers Happy Eidulfitri and asking for forgiveness . As if something lit up the school . Some are crying, some are laughing . Some are even jumping up and down because they received duit raya from their teachers . I couldn't do anything but smile at the moment, everyone seemed so happy . At the same time, I needed to finish up a card for Ustazah Haryati . Its her last day today, also the practical teachers . Huh, no more asking for vaseline from Cikgu Hafizah :(

I was sitting outside class looking out . Hajar tak habis-2 panggil Kak Ashe dengan Kak Balqis xD Then, noticed Kak Leya downstairs . LOL, terus jerit nama dia and she looked up . Apalagi, berlarila turun tangga! xD Nampak dia terus peluk kuat-2! She couldn't believe I was in blue this year . Yeah, I miss her so much *rindu dah terubatlah tuu kan* Mamu, rugi gilaa you tak datang tadi :( Rahman dengan Emanuel met me and told me that they're gonna come to my house . I thought it was a joke but the look on their faces tells me they're not playin t(-.-)

Till then, byee :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yes, betul cakap you . Tunggu I habis SPM baru boleh on balik dengan you . So now, focus on studies . Nak banggakan Ibu Abah and the rest of my loved ones . Heeeee, asrama sudah panggil balik t(-.-t) Have a blast guys

Grace is gone

After buka, online :) Maklumlah, nak balik asrama dah . Kenelah spend time with the computer for awhile xD Aku on blogger . Kak Nawal and Kak Mia ada post baru . Bukak, baca

Found out that Pn. Noraini Suboh sudah pulang ke rahmatullah, Innalillah
Moga roh Allahyarhamah ditempatkan dikalangan orang-2 yang beriman
Qidin, tabah ye? Ini semua ujian daripada Yang Maha Esa
Blessed be :)

You light up my world like nobody else

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weyh, penat . Have a nice day

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hung out with Eliot this morning . Zahar and Mimi are sleeping . I don't wanna bother them by blowing up their cellphone just to ask them to come down . Let them be, maybe they're tired . Eliot dah pakai Samsung Galaxy dahhh xD Ibu pun pakai Samsung Galaxy Gio *tunggu weyh, aku kerja kuat-2 dapat la aku nanti!* Dia ajak teman jalan pegi 7E dekat The Store . I hesitated at first . Duhh, orang lain gerenti pikir lain . It was fun :)

He bought me Mars, thank you buddy . On the way home, we talked about the upcoming Eidulfitri . This year, he's wearing red, and I'm gonna be in yellow which sucks a lot t(-.-) He started babbling about all the open houses he has to go to, duit raya and all that Eidulfitri stuff . I told him that I'm gonna go to work, he burst into laughs . He said "Kau ni, baru fourteen dah kerja? Hebat siot" Mwehe xP Then, there comes this awkward silence . I started talking about the things that are happening to me right now . It gets harder and harder each day and the fact that I'm hurting everyone around me . I don't know what to do about it but I'm trying to be patient *Tuhan je yang tahu macam mana aku rasa sekarang* Dia pulak, kene tuduh padahal guilty . Hmm, redha jela Elias . Maybe this is the best for us, we never know

Balik rumah, sahur . So now tengah tunggu azan Subuh berkumandang . K, byeee

No, you're not a jackass
I've been busy and darn tired, you should've understood
with all the things I'm going through

Assalamualaikum :D Nak cerita siket ni . Isnin lepas, Pengawas ada perjumpaan, kira biasalah . And then cikgu tegur, gini bunyi diaaa

"Pastu turn cikgu pulak tegur kitorang..mulamula cikgu suruh kitorang tugas betulbetul semua tu la..pastu tibatiba cikgu masuk mood gila serious,cikgu cakap 'dalam bulan ramadhan yg mulia ni,saya mintak,bukan, saya nak korang clash la dgn pakwe/makwe korang..sakit hati bila dengar ada pengawas yg pakai baju biru ni        bercinta,maybe saya tak tahu tapi cikgucikgu lain tahu,ALLAH tahu..nak buat apa korang kapel ni? tak dapat pape pon..awak tahu tak yg kapel tu sama dgn mendekati zina?patutla result exam pengawas rendah..pelajaran awak disekat oleh maksiat..saya dah tak nak dengar dah yg baju biru ni bercinta,berkapel.. Celaka la korang yg still tak clash lepas saya tegur ni" lebih kurang camtu la cikgu cakap..kitorang semua da macam 'whoa! celaka?'.."
#Dipetik dari blog Ain Afiqah

Haaa, itu dia . Cikgu amik berat pasal kitewww xP Bukan apa, but just nak inform some prefects yang miss perjumpaan tu and a warning from our beloved teacher . Betul kata cikgu, kita semua bawa maruah tersendiri *BADAR Aina, BADAR ^^* So, we all know what to do now aight? Semoga maju jaya, deuces [:

Hello youuu :3 Just got back home at 10 p.m. *awal tuu xP* Mengaharungi kesesakan lalu lintas di Loke Yew pun dah sejam seteng . So, Ibu terus hantar pi AP buka puasa sana then dia gerak De' Palma Hotel . Haihhh, nasib pulak kurang baik bila terserempak dengan Syahmi, Nami and the gang -.- Dahlah dengan baju pengawas tak tukar-2 xD weehaha

Hari ni, sibuk . Shautul Haq, Imtiaz Ramadhan bla bla bla . Ke hulu ke hilir cari Ustazah Haryati . Ni pun tak settle lagi, boo hooo :( Saya keluar kelas atas sebab yang teramat munasabah ye classmate sekalian . Tak payahlah nak fikir lain di bulan yang penuh barakah ini xD Habis sekolah, lepak dengan Maam for awhile then balik . Masuk dorm, terus lelap mata . Sedar-2 dah nak masuk pukul 3 *nasib tak terlajak lebih* Packing, solat, turun, jalan keliling sekolah . Tengah layan perasaan tiba-2 nampak Abang Ecad dari jauh . Dia ambik beg dekat tangga then pusing belakang . Then pandang balik -.- Macam nak tanya khabar jo, cepat-2 aku cabut lari

To all third formers, goodluck Trial PMR . K, bye

Sunday, August 14, 2011

yufspegtn via[nf

Seram duduk sini -.- Abah pasang movie Karak 3D dekat living room . Hahaha xD Ibu buat caramel lagi :> Habisb fitness turun, melahap ice-cream dengan sambal bulan puasa ni . Apatah lagi Raya nanti -.- Baju kita warna kuning tahun ni, awak? Aduh, muka hitam pakai kuning xD Lawakk gilaaa . Keling je la ayat . I don't know what I'm even tryin' to say -.- k, byee

Broken rib

Yes, I think they become my so-called-best-friends to get to you . Tengoklah . No doubt about it right?  Perghh, naik berang la gini . No, I'm not jealous . But I think they USED me . Haishhh, rimas laaaa . Tak payah nak bandingkan diri tu dengan orang lain sangat t(-.-t) No one was born perfect my dear :) Even I make stupid mistakes that can cause a lot of damage to other people . Lets both open up our eyes and mind wide okay? Help each other to the right road . Blessed be

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Life

Back from work at 12 p.m. with Mom . On the way to Al-Amin, lalu UKM . Awwwwwwwww, nginduuuuu tempat tuuuuuuuuu . Flashbacks :O Airaz dah senyap, hmmm . Rindu dorm, food, jammging xD Fell in love Hahahahaha . What a blast . I wish I could turn back time

Daniell & Adam, aku takut poket aku kosong je nak keluar kang xD Tunggulah, aku kerja kuat kuat :) Gerak Pavi pulak laaaah, mahu? Ngehee . Hakim, thanks for the video . I really need it at a time like this. Thanks for understanding . Kak Yasmin, hamboii xD lupekan je laaaa . Menyesal story :'(  Kak Sa'adah, haissshhhh . Makin tambah rasa guilty Kak . Kalau orang tak layan dari awal mesti tak jadi sampai gini kan? Semua susah . Farhan, sorry aku tak dapat tolong . Aku simpati sangat dengar cerita kau . Kita mana tahu . Kau ni nampak je lasak, tapi hati lembut . Insya'Allah pengalaman kau akan jadikan pengajaran untuk aku . Tabah ye :) 

I always get so speechless now when actually theres a lot I need to spill . Nevermind, it happens for a reason :) A good one perhaps 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm not a fallen angel or even a bitch from hell
I messed myself up just to be perfect for you
What a waste