Monday, May 27, 2013

And so I continued my talk of nonsense

Alhamdulillah! Urusan peperiksaan di sekolah selesai dengan jayanya. Physics was the last straw for me to turn another page, technically. Never thought it'd be that hard! Tahniah to my big sister Alya Farhanah and all my seniors who are offered a place to further your studies! You made Ibu's wish came true sis, for her to go back to Australia! Ya Rahman Ya Rahim. The last day at Sepintar before the holidays was filled with bliss as we celebrated Teacher's Day. I'm not sure of the theme but it was kampung kesultanan decades ago kind of thing. It was terrific, truly blown away. Farewell Pn. Maimunah! Be better at SBPI Gombak!

 Back in my comfort zone but without most of the reasons while I call it my comfort zone. Hanif's at Mekah, enjoying his umrah! Bring back gallons of Air Zam Zam for me will you! No one will be blowing my phone up as much as he does, really -.- I lost 3 classmates in a blink of an eye. Typical routines now. Ros Adlina, the girl with grace but was actually someone just like me. She's drop dead gorgeous with a genius brain. I'm glad we spent your last days at Sepintar together Ros, I really do. But time never gave me a chance to dig a little deeper about you, to know your heart. Until this day, your name floats about in my mind. And I miss you. Yassmine, you left us behind just after our last war with Physics. An intelligent brain on a beautiful girl. I remember the day we exchange secrets of our darkest past, a point where both of us was on the verge to be fully blinded. But we both tried to travel our way back home. Struggled to wipe the dust off for a clear view. Insya'Allah Yass, we'll both successfully paint the canvas of life with things we learned and cherish. And I miss you. As for you Nabil Sabri, one of your novels is with me. I took it so that you have to come back to Sepintar just to get it back. Well this is IF you are NOT PULLING ANOTHER PRANK. Whoops

Happy birthday Syahirah Jamian! I hope you can make me more of your splendid baked mac and cheese. I'm sorry about what happened. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. Life never exactly goes the way you plan from A to Z. Just keep walking with your head up high. Goodluck, there's more coming for you!

As for me, I'll be shoving ice-cream down my throat while finishing Hell Girl's episode and get fit. No point right :\ Oh and someone please hire me for a job!

Enjoy your holidays everyone! If you run into me, you are welcomed to buy me food ;D

Once it was us, a long long time ago