Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up and down, here we go

Outing . Menyesal gilaa outing hari ni . 

Get over it =.= Okay, I'm tired :| I forgot when, but Una said Pn. Noriza Yar wanted to see me . Both of us went upstairs to the library . Oh, Welcome to the school's Persatuan Pantun . The competition is around the corner . What the heck? I can make one but it takes a month or so for me to finish something like this . And then auditions for the school's debate team and public speaking . What am I going to write about? Gosh, everything went blank in my head . I want this so badly I think its too much . The best part is, I can't participate in all 3 of them . But, just one of them . Oh greaaaaat . Now what?

I'm tired :\ I'm tired -.-' I'm tired :|

Can someone replace me? With Badar and silat . Oh Gosh Aina, stop complaining . At one moment it was exactly what you want . Oh yeah . I've been writing, weird poems . I'm worn out with everything . Mom, could you just yank me out of this place? But I can't leave but I have to . Everything's mixed up and its messing with my mind . Damn it, wish I could freeze time
Okay, time to go back with everything undone and empty handed . With The All- Mighty's will, everything will turn out fine . Atleast thats what I'm hoping for . YAY get me out of here

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Maryam Najwa, dude, I take back what I said! Happy? xD Eh, I didn't bought you that book becausee... takut la nak cakap x( I'll tell you at school okay doll? Muhd Hakim, budak perempuan tu mesti lucky kan kalau dapat someone like you? Hahahaha . And and tolong kirim salam at Amril next door . Take care . Kak Leya, goodluck with physics xD Kak Mayamin, dah lama tak cakap dengan youu :( Kak Faqihah, come visit me? Nak bagi buku Awakened :D Hanif, I'll talk to her buddy, no worries . PRINCE CHARMING, dah lama tak bergayut on the phone with you lama lamaa . I miss that :( And I miss talking to you a lot! How was exam? SPM tak lama lagii . Hahahaha, SPM lama lagii la Aina oi Sorry . Take care ea? Its gonna be a couple of weeks without you again . Iloveyou honeyy

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Continueing my journey

Good Afternoon guys . I haven't slept yet -.- LOL And its Sunday! Homework day! Going back to boarding school day! Yeay, greaaaaat . Yesterday I bought the new House of Night novel series Awakened . Its finally out! I grabbed the first copy and the only copy I saw at MPH Bookstore at Klang's Jusco . The book was in my hands and I said to myself I wanna share, give it to you Kak Faqihah It was because of her I started getting into reading novels . It all started when she borrowed me her House of Night novel series Hunted . I miss you a lot Kak

Then, helped mom out for her client's wedding . Major tiring, arrived home at around midnight . Kak Leya, I miss you honey! Texted Maam then my phone died -.- I immideately charged it . I stayed up reading Awakened in the dark . Dad would kill me if he found out . Dad doesn't like anyone reading in the dark because we'll end up wearing spectacles . I want one, Ray Ben xD My phone blew up and its telling me to go downstairs . I got ready and brought along my book . Put on my cardigan and shawl and off I dashed for the door

Mimi! How long have you been away? Miss you babe! Thanks for the new watch . Suddenly Elias asked about the watch he gave me . I told him what happened in class when I suddenly realized my watch broke into pieces . Its still finee to wear but without the glass . Sorry man, it was an accident . We talked, took pictures with Zahar's DSLR and fooled around till dawn . I'm sooo gonna miss you guys . I went home and started on my essay about significant things that happened to me during the holidays . I think I could write more than 3 essays! Looky here, this could be an essay too xD

And now, I'm packing up, getting ready to leave home . Waiting for the clock to strike 5 in the evening . Its gonna be April soon and I got 3 more months to think about staying or leaving . I don't know, is it better if I leave for SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh or just ignore the U-turn signs and go on? Prince Charming, I miss you . I love you . A lot has been happening the past few days . Don't worry, I'm smiling :)

So don't you cry your heart out

I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare . That fight I had with EF grew worse . It was like World War 3 . I  couldn't, I knew I couldn't win because I wanted to lose . Its messing with my mind . I checked my phone, its nearly 4 in the morning, Friday . Rang Zahar, he picked up on the second ring

A : Dude, its time
Z : We got company
A : Who?
Z : Your number one die hard fan
A : ughhh great -.- what's he up to
Z : You're gonna like it
A : What did you guys planned -.-
Z : You'll see, later *hung up*

I got out of bed and washed my face . Put on my jacket and my shawl . Brought along my phone and off I went for the door . Met Zahar at the pool, alone . Okay, maybe our company is gonna be late . I requested Zahar to bring his guitar and asked wether he knew some of the songs I listed down for him . Great, he knew each of them . Then Elias came smiling and excited

A : What happened to you?
E : Oh nothing, just dah lama tak turun lepak with you guys
A : Weyhhhhhhhh, are you mocking me?
E : I am *grins*
A : You got a lot to learn
E : learn what?
A : How to respect a girl -.-
E : I'm smart enough to get 10 girls in one time
A : Jyeah right like you're so cool they would just come running to you *grins*
E : I got the swag?
A : Nothing is special if you swag
Z : Stop it both of you little kids
A : What did you just call me?
Z : LITTLE kid
A : love ya maynn
Z : *lookin puzzled*

We started with the song Candles by Hey Monday then Ride for You from Danity Kane . The next song was Don't Cry Your Heart Out by Cody Simpson . Well Elias sang it alone . That song was sweet and I'm addicted to it now . But I'm not okay with the fact that Elias was singing it . 

I'm back to put the sunshine in your mind
Cause I don't like the way hes got you raining all the time
Put away your troubles by leaving him behind
So every time you look up clear blue sky
But here he comes again like a cloud in your view,
Blocking all of your light like only he could do 
Don't listen to his sorries girl, DROP HIM. DROP HIM.

He really needs to stop it cause I'm your only topic now

Look at the lyrics . He didn't know that me and EF were okay now . Heh, biarlah xD After Elias finished his song . Zahar strummed the chords to the song More Than Words . I yawned a lot and my eyes were getting heavy . I gave up and bid goodbye to them . Before I went upstairs, they told me that Mimi is coming home on Saturday . Zahar told me to meet up again on sunday morning . Later bloggies :D

Don't you dare tell me we gotta let it go . We've been on top for too long
Just to let it go under . I don't wanna hear that
I just can't hear that
- Danity Kane-

Wednesday, 16th March 2011

OMG Dah lama tak onlinee . Hahahahhahaha . Okay, today I'm gonna recall the memory of what happened on Wednesday, 16th March 2011 . Me, Salman and Hanif explored KLCC . What a boring place xD Dahlah takada bowling center :(

Kelam kabut gilaa pagi tu . Event with Mom cancelled so, decided to join them at KLCC . They watched the first movie without me *Siapa suruh lambat lagii* Elias and Jo was there the whole time . Is it him or its the wrong day I went out? Whatever . I made my way to Kinokuniya and checked out some novels . Awakened isn't out yet and I don't think they have a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank .  No, don't think so . Met Salman and Hanif infront of the cinema . Okay, I'm the only girl, again, huh -.- We went to Nando's for lunch . Actually, I felt a little awkward and embarrassed with you guys . Heck I don't know why and sorry . Bought myself pizza :) Makan makan makan, rushed ourselves to the cinema to watch Mars Needs Mom . I heart that movie, eventhough its kinda hillarious that I laughed at the part where I'm supposed to shed a tear xD

The movie ended with a happy ending . Solat, pergi surau :) Called Prince Charming, not okay :( Suddenly "buat ap ha kt klcc" Kimi lagii -.- Penyibuk xD Hari tu pergi WWM, kau nampak aku . Not again -.- Caught a glimpse of him as soon as he was on his way out of the toilet and I ran for my life! LOL . Hit Starbucks and bought Dark Mocha . Abe, I want mine from you! HEEE :D After that awkward moment, I was getting comfortable with it . We talked a lot . Well, me and Salman certaintly weren't satisfied with Hanif, the easy life xD Hahahahahaha . Salman was complaining about his new school, chill man, thats boarding school and you gotta get use to it . Me? I don't remember much xD

After that, we went upstairs to Kinokuniya . I don't know why Salman and Hanif bursted in laughs, so I went in . I saw the book Wish . Heh, found you buddy ;) Then, I was attracted with those colourful pens . Paid for the stuffs and out we were . Zakwan Zakidin was there . He was right behing me when we were on the escalator . I don't want him to see me so I quickly ran up to Salman and Hanif . Safe :) Hanif wanted a bag, so we checked out Everlast, Converse, Romp, what else? I don't remember . Gave up, no bag :P Hahahahhahahaha . We said our goodbyes and went separate ways . Walking alone in a big mall once again, found Elias and Jo

Met a guy with curly hair wearing pink xD Okay, whats his name Aina? come on! Okay, it was Airaz with a hair cut . he didn't notice me . We went to Times Square together . Shopped like crazy man! Went back to KLCC and had Auntie Anne's pretzels . Jo said they were gonna be there until night . Oh, kay . So I bid farewell to them and went outside and waited for Mom and Dad . Oh, there they are . Last stop, HOME

Monday, March 14, 2011

Till I see you again

In the middle of the night, I logged in to my Facebook account . Farid is online . Ha yeay! I miss him! We talked untill 2 a.m.! Its been a long time since we talked for hours . Then, Kal onlined . We made a deal to pull a prank on my sister xD Unfortunately, he couldn't keep his eyes wide open so, he took his beauty sleep . Suddenly, Formspring popped in my mind . Okay, whoa, how long have I ignored my Formspring? Then

Fafa, Ingad I x ?

I ray ben u :D

Seriously, I was like "Who the hell is this guy who thinks he's my Ray Ben" . And its not like people call me Fafa anymore . I was feeling kinda annoyed . That feeling faded away when that anonymous person sent another question

Ingad lelaki nama ADIB, RAY BEN u ?

Okay! I remember you! I couldn't recall anything about you Ren! Sorry for not letting you know that I've been using a new number . Congragulations on your PMR results . Say hey to Aiman would you? Long time no see my friend :D What good memories . Checked my phone, theres a text from Maam . Dude, sorry I didn't reply, my phone was in the room silently charging . And I didn;t reply cause I know you're probably sleeping right now . Mamu! Thank you so much :) I read some of your posts, I really appreciate that . Wednesday, here we come!

People change

I'm sorry but you really crossed the line and that made me explode

"The loving hands that save me held too tight, its darkness waves at me at night"
- Anna Waronker -

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Okay, boredom strikes . Facebook is now old xD hahahahhaha . Bored, bored, bored and suddenly decided to check my friend requests . Theres this guy named Cakra Putra . I was really familiar with his face . Somehow, I can't recall anything . Then, I found out it was a friend of mine . Then I immideately posted on his wall saying >>
Endin xD Hambali xD Haa, sorry . Blame Ehsan for giving you names xD hahahahahahaha . Oh Gosh, its been a year not seeing your face kan? We don't meet up anymore since Teacher Rosmonaliza found us all a replacement -_____________-' . How are you? I never heard any news from you for a long time! Are you still dancing? I miss bullying you! xD

Now its your turn MEF . Where are you? I miss you grandpa! Ibu! Nak phone! Eh, how was that competition you signed up for? I'm hoping you're okay :')

Sorry I stole your picture Danial, HEE :D
Coool guitarist xD

Friday, March 11, 2011

The beginning of an adventure

Yay, home at last! Yesterday, macam biasa, memekak dalam dorm xD I was like "Yay, balik! Ahha xD" Form 3 and Form 5 semua like "yelah yelah, apa nasib kita ni :'( mentang mentang PMR/SPM" Hahahaha . I already packed up half of my stuff, satisfied . At school, normal routine . But Maam went home earlier than what I expected -.- Homework? Don't mention it . The best homework ever>> Write 3 essays on significant things that happened to you during the holidays . I'm gonna enjoy this

Yesterday balik awal :D Kenapa? Sebab nak ikut Ibu hantar Atok dengan Tok Mak pergi Subang Airport :D In the car, I told mom everything . Oh gosh, I swear I feel so relieved . But I didn't tell her how much I missed her because it was the first time ever I cried because I missed my mom at boarding school . I was loaded with pressure and frustration . We laughed a lot xD Mom would remind what my late Pakngah would do if someone spoke in broken english . He's a clown! It must be great if I still have him right now

Stopped at Atok and Tok Mak's house and switched cars then off we went to Subang Airport . I slept half-way . What can I say? I've been staying up so late for the whole week dealing with homeworks . When we arrived at the Subang Airport, me and Kaklong were like "Starbucks!" Hahahahhaha . Helped Atok and Tok Mak with their bags and went window shopping . Bought Donuts, no mocha, no reload -.- Oh kay finee . Then balik . Phone dekat Ibu :'(

Salman! Jom keluar? I wanna see you again! Erza, sorry sorry . Sorry dah lama tak call you . I busy sangat . Right now my phone's with Mom, now what? I miss you sooooooooooo much I got a lot to spill . Thats it, byeeeeee