Friday, July 30, 2010

Them :P

Mohd Salman b Sazli
dia gile , dia sewel , dia orang yang tak siuman
so don't get close to him
and finally he ends up to be awesome

Muhd Syamil b Fuad
He owns a pair of amazing green crocs xD
He's dangerous , AHAH

Muhd Hanif bin Jamil
z'wierdo ? he says its a camouflage
and then he said pelik tu dulu, sekarang dah pulih xD


Greatest ? bolehlah . But they can never replace Muhd Daniell , Muhd Adam and Muhd Nabil

the DNA TRIOS , HAHA . Waktu dorang tahun 6

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Allahyarham Amirul Aiman Mohd Sanusi

First of all , Sorry if I stole any pictures from anyone . Actually , I don't know you that well . But I do know you have a good heart . And you were really friendly and outgoing . Caring and loving , and definetly gives and takes . Thats why you own a circle of the greatest friends and family around you . Ur death caused so much heart breaks and vengeful downpours . Everyone's memories with you will be cherished and theres absolutely no doubt that no one will ever ever forget you . Tears still roll down my cheek knowing that ur gone now . Its weird because its nothing without you . To his family and his closed ones , I'm sorry for everyone's lose . Please be strong and move on . Kak Yaya , he really truly loves you , don't ever forget that . And I know he is smiling on everyone from up there . Rest in peace Aiman . *Al-Fatihah*

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mon Meilleur Ami Megat

HAPPY BELATED BIRHTDAY MEGAT ;D sorry lambat gilegile wish . Act . dah mintak tlg Jaja, but dia tak boleh tlg :( . Then mintak tlg dekat Miera, phone dia kene rampas :'( . Anyway , Happy Birthday ! Have the greatest life and hope you achieve in what you want . Wishing luck will always be by ur side and may God bless you !