Sunday, October 31, 2010

Driving my way

Final exam tomorrow . I'll be studying the hardest I could . I'm gonna make sure I don't drop . I better keep my grades straight because this is serious . I don't wanna dissapoint anybody . I need your support in this . Please, pray for me and wish me luck . I will strive to get atleast 4A's . I don't wanna put my hopes too far so I target something that I can really get . For those whose in the same dilema, Goodluck and all the best . I apologise for all my wrong doings . I have no intention to hurt anyone . May Allah bless us all

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stressed out

I freaking hate you whenever you come around to visit . And its because when you come, I know theres a lot more in store for me like fights, hates and more bickering hurting my damn ears . My family would be all "Aina belajar pandai-pandai nanti masuk .... , senang masuk Universiti" Tahu tak betapa sakitnya hati aku bila cakap pasal Sekolah Berasrama Penuh? If someone wants to start a conversation about it, I know my heart is going to be shattered once again . 

Sometimes being dead is far better than living . I've always kept that in mind . And Hanif, sorry I didn't reply your text . Maam finished my credit and I was so not in the mood . I cried myself to sleep thinking of my past mistakes . Not just any mistakes, I hurt everyone, destroyed their dignity . I hate thinking of it because once I did, it'll never stop . And everything comes rolling down to me .

Then, I remembered all of those spiritful songs
Everyones perfect in the usual way
We're not gonna sit in silence, We're not gonna live in fear
Get up and go, take a chance and be strong
And we can find a way to do anything if we try
Every rose has its thorn
I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game
I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
And even when your hope is gone, Move along
Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground
You want a piece of me?
I'm gonna do it my way, take this just for what it is
So I'm starting now theres not a moment to wait
Hang in for the ride of your life

Everything happens for a reason
Maybe raindrops are the bravest thing created by Allah
And thats because they're never afraid of falling

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Can't I just walkaway? No, thats not even an option . Its not even cool to walkaway .
I realize trouble is a friend . Stupid me, maybe it was a wrong thing for me to be friends with him . I never thought this could happen . It was so smooth then here comes the awkward .... Erghh, Final is around the corner and I can't study . It just won't get stuck in my head . I don't know whats happening . Boys are issues

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Adore Him :)

You know guys, we're young . We should enjoy the ride . Don't 
waste it  by having a relationship . I mean, you  can but 
just make sure you know how to handleit . Girls and Boys , please 
be a one guy girl/ a one woman guy ? If I found someone like that , 
I'll be adoring that person . Don't control your loved ones . But, 
there comes the time when you need to let go .

Even The sweetest chocolate expires

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random no.2


Usher to Maryam, Hanif and Syamil

Huh . Sumpah penat layan korang tiga nih . Mane tak nye . Sorang bersemangat pujuk datang sekolah esok demi Form3 . Seorang lagi tak habis habis perli . Manakal seorang lagi same je perli . Ape bala lah kene dekat aku nih . Wahh, my hands are even sleeping for me now .

Maam, sorry but I hope something good would turn out tomorrow for the both of us . Syamil, stop all that "salman" thing . Hanif, oh so doraemon childish . Finally it ends here, but the case is still full of unanswered questions . Do I really have that love kinda thing now?! I really don't think so . But what if I do? What if you guys are right ? I'm giving myself to the All - Mighty .

Oh, to Salman, Hanif and Syamil, You guys have to spend some money on this girl after PMR . Promise that okay? Haha, cakap memang sengan kan? Pray for my health . Insyallah I'll attend school tomorrow but I hope I'm not too weak as I am now . But I shouldn't be this weak . I've never felt so so so so so weak like this, its like I'm dying . If my fever is not gone by tomorrow, I'll be having another check up -.-

What tomorrow brings

Maam rang my cell phone and I instantly picked up . She was like "Aina you've got to come tomorrow!" Puzzled, so I asked why . "Tomorrow all Form3's are returning their textboooks and it would be like the last day of sch for them" And then, I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs saying "No it can't be" 

Maam was pushing me to come to sch tomorrow . I asked mom, and she said its okay but how can I come tomorrow without my schoolbag and my essays that were dued today and my school shoes? I can't even get out of the house at 7 a.m. anymore . So now, I want to go since its the LAST day for form3 but I don't want to because Cikgu Nurul Aini would get freaking pissed, and I'll get like 3 dimerits for the day .

So can you guys please help sort this freaking thing out? My head is spinning again . I really just feel so weak I need my beauty sleep and its about time . What? 9 pm? Since when did I slept so early? What happened to me? Whatever, I don't even care about my apetite,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Me and Milk

What is it with milk that I can't stand? I don't even know. Last week on Wednesday , as usual Ain brought more food for the class. Her Mom made Fried Rice and Cheesecake. Okay, at first I thought that her Mom's Cheesecake would be like Secret Recipe's until the moment I took a bite of it

Milk, ooooohhhhh maaaayyynnnnnn

I ran outside to the trashbin near 2 Amanah and immideately puked . Everyone was like "Aina, you okay?" and "Aina, kau sihat tak?" and "Aina, kau mengandung ke?" -.- Class of 1 Amanah's thoughts is really not what you really think it is. Anesa told me to tak a sip and gargle whatever thats making me puke again and again. Ain apologised because she didn't know that my body disagrees with milk. Not exactly all kinds of milk. Nevermind Ain, it wasn't your fault though! So guys, everyone has their likes and dislikes . But I don't really know why I can't drink or taste something that has that venomous milk in it. Keep that thing away from me so I won't puke on you :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery
And today is a gift
Be wise under all circumstances
Be true to yourself and you'll be fine

You Made Me Smile :)

LOL . I didn't expect he would read my post about him . But thanks a lot Maam . 
I was so happy yesterday! First of all, onlined my facebook and Maam sent a chat

"Salman on eh?"
I replied "OMG Yeah"

Clueless, Why'd she ask? Whatever . Leaving that one . Then check notifications and 
BLAHBLAHABLAH . Started replying everything . And started to joke around with Him . Then He sent a chat
"Aina . Pls type slowly . I'm tired"

I was laughing so hard! We stopped out chat for awhile because he didn't perform his Maghrib prayers yet . He performed the Wish Prayer too . Religious? yeah . But its really worth it since He'll be sitting for PMR today . BLAHBLAHBLAH . He post on my wall

"I read your blog" & "Read 100000x , commenting it"

He told me to read his comment and so I did . Viewing the comments, I broke down into tears . I never thought He would read my post or even my blog . Last night, He made me wearing a smile on my face . It proved, He is important . And now, I kept praying He'd pass the big exam. Not only Him, but also my sister and some other seniors of mine .Hey Brother! Goodluck and all the best for PMR !

Who is this guy I kept talking about?
 Mohd Salman bin Sazli

Monday, October 4, 2010

Alya Farhanah

Now, you'll be looking at one of the best photos of
Alya Farhanah

Dear Alya Farhanah bt Mohd Tarmizee,

I know you're nervous cause I can feel what you're going through
Being the eldest in the family is hard .But you know the best way to handle your life .You're in the  tension zone since tomorrow's a BIG day
Mom was like "I know you can do it and try to loosen up and don't pressure yourself"

You Can Do It Kaklong !
Maybe you're still doubting but yeah, You'll get through it .You'll pass it through flying colours ! .You're such a bright girl I'm trying to be like you ! But not exactly like you 100% . I'm making you my role model . Duhh, You were the one saying "You need to practise not keep reading the same bullshit all over again" and "Ala, asrama memang macam tu . But you can't give up so soon" and finally "Theres always a next time, and thats if you really strive to do better than you were before" . Cheers to YAYA because you were the one leading me to be better and to believe in myself 

So now, Goodluck and all the best for PMR sister!
You know you'll always get what you want
Remember don't stress out . I don't want you ending up
blank when you're answering the papers .
May Allah Bless you Kaklong!


LOL! Theres a lot more where that came from


Trapped in Guiltiness

I feel so bad . Though I do not know what I did wrong towards him . But still,
I feel guilty so badly . Like I've done so many mistakes that its hard for him to forgive me . Everyday, I'd notice him passing by my class . Hes chatting with his friends . And everytime  we ran into eachother, we both felt completely shy our gaze won't met . I don't want anyone to be mistaken , because I think some think that I have a crush on him .

No, I don't want that to happen . All I wanted to be was like the old days . When we accidently ran into eachother, He/I'd smile at Me/Him . Just like when he pass by my class when I was sitting for my Sciene Paper . He smiled . It gave me a jolt of shock and I was freaking out . Then, I went totally blank because He was all that I could think of . Duhh, because of "The Incident" .  My point of view now is I'm not inlove but He seems really important to me . Like Bestfriends :)

Then, I viewed Hes profile at facebook . He posted a link on boarding school
registration . I broke down into tears all of the sudden . I updated my status saying
"Crying my eyes into tears"
Thank Allah someone understands . At that moment I knew next year would be so different . I don't think I could make it through knowing that 65% of the greatest friends of mine is gone . And it would still be different because He moved into a new house . So now, yes, I will cry after a few seconds . If You're reading this Crazo Twin, I want you to know,

Goodluck and all the best . 
I'll be missing such a great person like you .
May Allah Bless You Crazo Twin

Friday, October 1, 2010


Injection! False alarm , "Kalau yang kurus sakit sebab kene tulang!" , "Weyh, sakit gile dohh" and "Aku taknak amik 2nd dose!" . It was all a false alarm . Dude, it looked like a killer shot but it turned out fine . Ala, it was only me whose freaking out . *selawat, tutup mata taknak tgk* "Dik, jarum dah keluar dik" :|HAHA