Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Riadah petang, one of a boarding school kid's rountine . Except for third and fifth formers . They're excused for the upcoming trials . Maam nak jog . Baru berapa round sudah pancit xP She'll get use to it . After a couple rounds, we went upstairs and joined Nassuha and Izati . We played Monkey In the Middle

I got the ball . I was getting a good target to pass it to Nassuha *Puuk!* I thought someone hit me at the shoulder a little closer to my neck . That person hits like a dude! Then a heard screams . "Aina!" shouted Aina Mardhia Syuhada from a distance . Everyone started coming and asking wether I'm okay . "Nak main hoki elok-elok la!" shouted Nassuha to the Aspura . They were practicing hockey opposite us . I acted cool, acted I was fine it hurt a bit when actually it stung . The bell rang right on time signalling everyone that we can go shower . I went up to my dorm . I stood infront of the mirror looking at my shoulder, red

Solat maghrib, it started to hurt . Nak bagi salam sakit . Prep class, I'm worn out . Mood hilang, homework siap separuh jalan . My head started aching and my shoulders hurted a lot . "Weyh, jangan main-main, kene bola hoki tu . AK kene sampai rabun sebelah tau . Pergilah klinik Aina" Iman voiced out, standing infront of me with Aina Mardhia Syuhada and Maam . Thanks for caring Iman (: Tak tahan sangat tidur, with the help of Maam's pil

Tuesday morning, a junior ran into me . Bahu berlaga, langsung masuk kelas menangis -.- *ilek la na* Got home after maghrib, kebetulan Ibu pun tengah demam . Eloklah I'm home . Mom told me to put some ice . I did it, then it hurts . In the middle of the night, my shoulders were of muscles . Nevermind, I know I deserve it because everything happens for a reason . I'm getting better

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