Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sajo bosan ~(-{}-)~

 So this was us, from Turkey! My second home! We had Lambaian Kaabah,
a prcatical Haji and Umrah. I love this picture. First because everyone's in
it. Second, because of Lubaina's face haha, the one with the only red tag

Finally we did something fun without the boys around!

I posted this just to make myself happy again. I just backspaced a 4000 word essay because I don't think I should be all emo and sad and all. I'm happy and I'll always be. Walaupun orang lain berak, aku yang kene tahinya auww sedap bro thank you very much love you haha -.- Nevermind, just don't come crying to me on your knees when SPM is around the corner. I feel so mean right now. Well that's because I didn't realize that I was keeping all the anger in me all this time. So I exploded. It was the last straw :/ I was too nice and too positive so everyone took advantage of that. I never knew the side of me being so unconfident until this year. I was someone known for her ego and toughness but not anymore. Gosh Aina, stop wanting the past. Its the most far away thing you could ever reach

Ya Allah, please send something for me to get myself back together

Just wanted to end this emotional post with something happy to me
Lol bye!

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