Friday, September 3, 2010

Tired of Drama

Look , I'm done with all this commotion . Yes I do miss my friend, yes you Maryam . Infact I even dreamt about us being all SITERSISTER . All I want is peace . So lets forgive eachother kay ? I use to hold on to the sayings " FORGIVE & FORGET " . But I messed everything up again . Then situation went all havoc crazily . And I went high all the sudden . I'm forcing myself to go with the flow but it made it worse . I have to say this out loud, even if I'm not smackin this word infront of everyones faces . So here goes,


I heard so much stories that I'm not able to share . The truth is they never knew me right? They just went off judging everything I do, everything I wear, every word I spoke. It was like a new hobby, judging a book by its cover . Do they even know the real Aina Farihah ? Can I ask you, are you able to answer correctly every question about me? Do you know any of the answers to all the questions? Do you? I think you'll just close your eyes and shoot wherever you think the target is. Please don't pretend, it'll make a fool out of you . Trust me, it can bring a huge emberassment . And don't pretend to be nice to me . Guys I know everything from the start . You guys don't have to fake anything . I know by the way you guys are "trying really hard" to treat me . So tha'ts why I'm still questioning myself . Some said I changed, Some said they're different . But I think we're all the same . We all have those annoying sides in our personalities that we're aren't able to throw it away. Imagine yourself walking in mine or whoever's shoe . You must be tired of all the bullying, teasing and something like that everyday . Everyone has to respect one another right? So do we need to hate someone for their imperfection? NO!
So guys, my point now is , Eidilfitri is coming . So I hate to hate someone on such a blessful day . Because Eidilfitri is all about forgiveness . So I'm sorry . And we all have to learn to accept others . Like you accept what you can do and what you can't do . But it doesn't mean you're a failure . Nobody is created to be so perfect . Even Prophet Muhammad isn't perfect . And lastly , Happy Raya everyone . Best wishes to all form5 for their upcoming SPM trial . Hope you enjoy the happiness on the wonderful upcoming day . Maaf Zahir & Batin

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