Sunday, July 31, 2011

A letter to God

Dear God, please make me see all the risk I'm taking . All the boundaries I'm breaking . All the hearts I'm hurting . It's all out of my control . Though, I'm still trying to make it better . I'm losing it . I began to hate myself and putting the blame on others and even you sometimes . Thats when I lost my mind . I lost balance of my life . Friends, family, academics, everything . The past was holding me back . I may heal, but the scars remain . Please strengthen me so that I could go on stronger . Help me be a better person . Don't make me forget who I am . Don't let me give up and be weak . Don't let those haters crush me . Don't let revenge come round for a visit . Show me the right road and the right thing to do . Guide me now and forever . Bless the people good to me, I love them . Amin

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