Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rainbow behind the clouds

Yesterday, went to the clinic . I woke up and went up to the mirror . My left eye bloat . Great . I thought I could recover within a couple of days . Incorrect guess . I came to school crying . Every nightmare of last week was haunting me again . I bolted out of class . I don't want anyone to talk to me . The thought of being bright as a button faded . I made my way to the big stairs of Aspuri, waiting for someone to get me out of the school grounds . At the clinic, there were a lot of people, each with their own situation

Situation 1 : The Blind man
I was waiting for my name to be called for registration. Then someone accidently hit me from the back . I turned around to find a blind man walking with support from a stick . I got out of his way . Then, came a lady, she was beautiful, helping the blind guy . "Bless the blind man and the lady helping him" I said to myself smiling . Everyone lent a hand, helping the man make his way to see the doctor . Be thankful that you can still see the world . Even if its in destruction, you can change it to a whole better place

Situation 2 : The lucky baby
Still waiting for my name to be called . I sat at a chair near the entrance . Infront of me was a man holding his little girl in his arms . She was beautiful, cute in a beautiful dress . Her skin was fair, just like her parents . Her parents looked young to my guessing . Her mom was seeing the doctor, she was sick . Her dad had to look after her as her mom was busy .  He was busy calling and texting someone at the same time . Her dad kissed, hugged her . Embraced her with his love and care . Making her know the he's there . Right after her mom finished, she walked to her mom slowly then she fell . Her mom came right to her side, picking her up and wiping her tears . Then the family walked out hand-in-hand . Appreciate your parents . Even if their busy they'd still find time to spend with you . When your about to fall, they'd be there to catch you . Be a good son/daughter . Its your turn to make them proud of you

Situation 3 : Prince Charming to the rescue
Still waiting for my name to be called . I glanced around, thinking and waiting . Then, a couple walked in . The girl was crying . The guy had his arm around her shoulders, giving her comfort . Each of them had rings on their fingers . They're married I figured . The guy told her to take a seat while he'd do the registration for her . She sat next to me wiping her tears . She was obviously trying to make the tears stop . Her husband then sat next to her hugging her and kept telling her that he's there and there was nothing to worry about . Minutes passed, they were done . They sat at the same seat next to me . "Dah dah, I kan ada, takpayah nangis dah . Kalau dia serang you lagi I belasah dia cukup cukup . Biar dia tahu dia cari pasal dengan siapa" said the husband . The wife replied "Takpayahlah bang, yang lepas tu lepaslah" . "Nak makan tak? Ada gerai dekat belakang ni" asked the husband to his wife . "Jomlah, I malas nak fikir banyak" she answered . They both got up to their feet and made their way out . The husband opened the door for her and told her to be careful . Soon enough, they were out of sight . Guys, we girls would love to know that you care about us . Being a gentlemen would make her feel more lucky to have you . Take care of your girl

A trip to the clinic was fun . Being able to observe and make a conclusion from something . Maybe its a waste of time, waiting there with nothing to do . But, I learnt something meaningful . I walked away from the clinic with a smile . The All-Mighty is here for me, for everyone . Now be strong, got that? Have a blast

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