Saturday, November 17, 2012

Its been awhile, sorry for not posting anything . I'm completely blanked and lifeless since I ended my war with PMR . PMR, oh man. I've been through a lot when I was sitting for it . Especially on Geography .
It rained that afternoon, that'd be a good time to take a nap . I slept for 45 minutes and woke up when time was up . My paper was 40% done . Makasheh pengawas peperiksaan berhati mulia for letting me finish up . The next day, everyone, teachers especially -______-  kept patting my shoulder reminding me not to sleep before I finished answering my paper . Just hoping to be one of the straight A's students, amin to that!

Next up, SBP . I get soooo emotional if my family brings up the topic of it . Insya'Allah kalau murah rezeki I will step into the gates of any boarding school and be on the rugby team as I look forward to . Haha, get ready to be hospitalized Aina! and a new environment, new strangers -.- But I'm not sure if I'm ready to let go all the things that I could achieve here, next year . And to be honest, I cannot imagine myself at a new school next year and how fast I could adapt with the new environment . Plus, I'm the-not-easy-to-get-along-with-at-first-till-you-know-me girl . I've got a lot to lose I'm telin' ya . Sounds cliche huh

The prefect's hi-tea and Asrama's dinner was a blast . Photos? Is it necessary? No, lol . Irdina was the prettiest and I was the luckiest at the prefect's hi-tea . Thought I made myself clear that I am never gonna win any lucky draw prizes . As luck would have it, I was, the luckiest infact to win a free 2 days and 1 night at the hotel . But I believe she deserves it better than I do . So much for being blanked

The girls at the back of the class, in memories