Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hope we'll never change no matter the weather :D


Happy belated birthday Hanif :) and Kak Shu! xD I feel guilty for not posting a birthday wish for you -.- lol Ya Allah, why do I have to feel soooooo guiltyyyy. Thank you, for being a very good friend *You're totally wrong when you said you don't try to be one because you're not good for anyone! You're actually a freakin' good friend !!!* I'm sorry for being a stink brain and an arrogant douchebag and a selfish dragqueen. I'm sorry for not being there for you and thank you for inviting me to hang out with you and Syamil and Arai. I had fun, really :) Oh tak sempat cakap tadi. Aku rasa kau dengan Arai yang patut duduk dekat seat aku, dari jauh aku tengok macam gay je korang ni hahhaa. A good gay haha. Alhamdulillah kau dapat lesen, can be a temporary slave serving me. Thank you Megat! Without you I won't be a friend to such a boy * Hanif dalam hati "BOY??! T^T" * with a big heart. Oh and I lied about the "Unfortunately no" thing. Ingat aku takde rasa malu ke nak mengaku? Alahai. Kau faham ke aku cakap pasal apa haha

To be honest, I don't even know why I'm running away and from what I'm running away. I just felt like I needed to. Awww Aina janganlah nak mushi-mushi emotional ni. Ya Allah, what has gotten in to me? This is why I hate the holidays, I don't feel like myself. I don't feel like socialising even with my friends, bestfriends. Its like a new life with me hiding behind a mask. My ego has been towering high, kalah Hanif. Now I feel so happy and blessed. I always get the bestest friends of all. Cehh. Thank you is not enough to give back in return to what Allah has gifted me with. I love my friends, a lot! I miss the old days. Me, Maam, Wan, Syamil, Hanif, Irdina and siapa-siapa lagilah. What happened to us? I'm sorry if the truth hurts but I feel like I'm actually a stranger to you guys. My fault anyways, I was the one catching a plane. Not even turning back for a simple "Bye!". Now I regret not calling and sending postcards to you guys, LITERALLY.

Ingatkan habis je PMR, everyday habiskan duit on bowling or movies. Hampehhh haha.
I'm glad I hung out exactly a week before the results come running to me
Do pray for my results and my health. Baru dicop as budak asma :(

Camwhore haha

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