Thursday, February 3, 2011

1st February 10

 Hung out with Syamil and Hanif on the 1st of February . I was suppose to be alone . But, lebih baik duduk rumah kalau alone . So, ajaklah diorang . I wanted to rang Maam but, ala, the answer would still be no T___T Oh shit . Huh, keluar lambat gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as usual, never early . I looked like a hardcore chic xD Wearing wedges and looking all black and white . Yup, I'm different at school with that Tudung labuh paras siku . And I hate wearing it because I feel like I'm pretending

Sampai sampai je dah nampak Hanif . Walk to WWM with the strong wind blowing . Met Syamil at the bowing center and bought tickes for Khurafat . Jumpa budak bekas SMK Sg Pusu . Bowl first game, Hanif won . Second, Me and Syamil tie =.= Conclusion, each of us won! And then, went to Marry Brown for lunch . Tiba tiba dapat text from Kimi saying " owh dating ha kt wngsa walk" Turned around, how did he know I'm here . Whateve . No, I didn't ate . So I just watched the two of them stuffing chicken rice in their mouths and sipping drinks . Habis makan, separate . They performed the solah while I'm looking at books at Popular Bookstore . Hmmm, that book is not here

Hanif sorok waffle dalam pocket xD Khurafat was scaryy, eerieeeeee . Scarier than I though it'd be . My whole body were of muscles, I covered my face like half of the movie, the part where the scary thing would appear . Tapi paling best time dalam kereta jenazah tiba tiba radio tutup . Keranda buat bunyi . And then that thing muncul . Whoa, memang tak tercabut jantung xD The movie ended and I was still of muscles . Got out of the cinema and my back was stiff . Oh great . Saw Fikri =.= Thank Allah he didn't notice me . Naik atas, saw Qayyum -.- Thank Allah once again, he too didn't notice my absence . If they do, I bet they'd be like "Astaghfirullah, ni ke badar?" I hate wearing that tudung labuh paras siku . Why? Because I'm pretending . I'm different when you see me outside, not at the school compound

Then, walked to the LRT station . Yeay, you guys get to watch me leave first ^ ^ Klcc was still crowded with people . Bought a pizza and coke . Finished eating, off to Kunikoniya, saw Ayman -.- Went to Cold Storage and met Kaklong with Lala and Nana . Aww, they're short! Lala is now wearing spectacles . Rahim punya specs pulak senget . Dapat duit, pergi NOSE Shoe store . On the way to Kinokuniya, terserempak dengan Abe! Sembang kejap and took a picture with him . Dia nak belanja mocha as promised but next time je lah ea Abe? Dah kenyangg ^ ^ Bought the book Ruined, I love it . Suddenly a girl tegur, it was Kak Lynn! Aww, I missed you missy! Then off to Mid

Mom picked us up . Sumpah penat, my feet were worn out . Celebrated Dad's birthday at Chili's Grill Bar . I was the first to finish my meal, and slept all the way . Okay, penat, byeeeee xD

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