Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping You In My Memory

Thank Allah Zahar call . He was really pissed because its been, I don't know 4? 5 days tak turun? Entahlah, I can't remember . Zahar sorry, this weekend is time for me to wake up late xD He told me to wear something pretty and get ready at the pool at 4.15 pm . We're going to Faris's house! Oh Yeay! Okay, onlined and chatted with Kak Faqihah, Rizal and Prince Charming .Zati, I miss you girl! Haha

Okay, bagitau ibu nak pergi rumah Mimi . Memang nak pergi rumah Mimi dulu pun . Ibu bagi! Ha yeay, terus pergi rumah Mimi . Lambat 15 minutes, put the blame on Mimi . Sama je perangai dengan Kaklong . "This one makes me look fat" and "No, I look like a clown covered with mud wearing that" and "I look normal" Whatthe? Of course you're suppose to look normal man . Zahar hantar text "trus jmpe at umah arwah" Okay, kiteorang sampai je Zahar dengan Elias tengah bukak kasut and Puan Aini welcomed us with a warm smile

Encik Zulkifli couldn't join us, he was in a rush for a meeting . He greeted us and off he went . We talked a lot, mostly about Faris . Puan Aini told us what he likes, his interests and well the past memories with him . She even passed out some certificates, photo albums of him and we checked it out . Faris was really handsome when he was young until his last day . He was a really really great guy too . Wow, no wonder Kak Fatihah sayang dia sangat . Be strong ea Kak? I'm sure He's smiling down on us, you now :) We asked for permission to check out Faris's room and maybe keep some of his stuff . Wow, Puan Aini said yes

Zahar took a pair of Faris's sneakers while Elias took two of his t-shirt . They were like "Its not like we're gonna wear it la Aina eventhough its gorgeous" Pffft = =' Dah agak dah . Mimi kept Faris's paper work . He writes a lot *Heh, bolehlah tengok tengok sikit poem dia xD* I kept some of it too, Me and Mimi are gonna exchange them . I took his bandana and one of his journal . No its not a diary . Oh wow, I just love reading everything he writes . Puan Aini and Encik Zulkifli, you guys are so lucky to have a son like him

Puan Aini made us tea and served biscuits . She knows how to bake super delicious cookies and cakes . I remembered the day when Faris's gave us homemade chocolate chip cookies . It was scrumptious . And then his mom made us caramel . It was really delicious . We said our goodbyes and went home . I changed into my shirt and pants . Ate half of my ice-cream . Then the door bell rang, Kaklong's home . She was telling me how fun it was with Rahim . If I didn't have to babysit my sisters, I would've been telling my sister how much fun I had with Erza . Too bad I had to cancel it, sorry honey

Nak siap pergi beli barang nak balik Hell =.= Byeeeeee

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