Friday, February 25, 2011

Over the moon

These days, not many realizes the beauty of being a Muslim :) Look around . What happened?
People, The All-Mighty is the one who gives us life . We breathe the air The All Mighty creates . The All Mighty is the one giving us happiness . Giving you a good day . Giving you awesome friends and fantastic parents . Giving you wealth, health and success . Say Alhamdulillah . The All Mighty is the one testing us with pain . You lost someone you love . You fail on your task . Getting stressed out feeling like tearing your hair and just lock yourself up in your room weeping on the disasters happening to you . Don't you understand it? Allah gave us free will but we are the ones taking the wrong turns . We decide our future . We decide what to do, good deeds or just pile up a galaxy of sins . There are blessings in disguise for everything we do
Tell me now, do you remember The All Mighty each and everyday of your life? Say it loud . Come on! I can't hear you man! LOUDER!

So now, I just want you to go and make yourself a better person . Don't forget who you are . Don't worry because Allah is always there watching you, taking care of you . Its just you who has to make the right decisions . When you're having a blast, remember, it comes from Allah . When you're misreable, remember, gather yourself up and don't think its always you the one going through a whole lot of stress, Allah is challenging you

You'll find peace my friend by meeting with Allah . Such a beautiful thing

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