Saturday, June 11, 2011

This morning was the last time for me to see Mimi, Eliot and Zahar as usual . I woke up at 4a.m. and got ready . I took the the new novel Kaklong paid for me along with my phone . Gosh, 6 missed calls from Ren and Hakim .  I'm tired guys, sorry . Lastnight, baru beli baju biru --' Celebrated Alya Farhanah's sweet 16 at Chili's Grill Bar after that . I love coming there . Pergh, cuci mata tengok kereta mahal all the way >.<

I picked up my pace and went downstairs, took the lift to the parking lot, and made my way to the swimming pool where Mimi, Zahar and Elias is waiting . I took a seat beside Mimi and she said that I look worn out *Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, kaaaaaaaaaaaaay* And then nampak je muka eliot yang tengah khusyuk dengan guitar Zahar, aku pijak kaki dia ^^ Hahaha . Dia pulak dengan muka macho sentiasa tegurlah si budak yang nak balik asrama ni . "Whats up sleeping beauty?" Memang takde lain lah ayat budak ni xD We talked and took pictures like we use to, but this time, without our leader

"Zahar, aku sendiri mungkir janji yang aku buat"

Zahar adviced me not to make promises for myself anymore . I can but makesure I can really keep it, not somethign like this . Entahlah, I don't know what you said to MEF . I didn't even told you anything about my conversation with him . I just said that I don't like ........ that was it . Takpelah, salah faham :) Zahar said eventhough photoshoot Class of 2002 hancuss, there'll be a remake *Ni aku malas ni --'* It was 6a.m. . Elias offered to walk me home *duhh, rumah sama block kan xD* Haha . We bid goodbye to Mimi and Zahar and made our way to the lift . Sampai je tingkat 3, aku keluar dari lift

"Aina, bestfriends okay? Lupekan what happened between us before this, I'm cool with it"

Thank you Elias, you made things easier . Hakim pun, kaaaaaaan? Bestfriends :D

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