Monday, October 3, 2011

1st October 11

Hello people :D Sorry for the lame posts . Its like whenever I'm infront of the computer ready to write a post, I'd suddenly be like "What was I going to write about again?" lol . First and second formers hostel kids are not going back to the hostel until next Tuesday *Thank you PMR!* But, eventhough its a week off, I'm gonna be studying *ewww* Finals is on the 21st Oct, Afiqul's birthday . Haha, goodluck to him . K, this one is about Sayful Azhar's brother's wedding, Congragulations Saipul Anwar! :D

With the newly weds, from left : Irfan Sabre, Naim, Muhd Hanif, Abdul Hadi, Sayful Azhar, the newly weds, Kak Sakinah, Kak Izzati, Kak Nawwal Farihah, Siti Nur Irdina, hantu

With Sayful Azhar, I though he was wearing black -.- Takpe kita MERUN BUKAN MERAH :D
Girlfriends : Siti Nur Irdina, hantu and Maryam Najwa

Le seniors, from left : Naim's arm, Irfan Sabre, Abdul Hadi, Adibah Hanim, Muhd Hanif, Nawwal Farihah, Sakinah

Dekat pelamin :D from left : Naim, Sayful Azhar, Izzati, Sakinah, Adibah Hanim, Nawwal Farihah

With Nur Abyana Nafisah bt Ahmad Nizam 

Woke up at 5.30 a.m. After azan, solat, online . Pergh, memang kabut la time tu because I don't know what to wear -.- Had a hard time making a decision . Hanif cakap the theme was black and red . K, settle . Around 9a.m. gerak Shah Alam, Ibu Abah ada meeting . Ibu Abah buat apa tah, adik semua lari sana sini, saya kerjakan angry bird dekat phone Abah :D 12.45 p.m. gerak pergi sekolah hijau

On the way pergi PHA PHA Seafood, ternampak Hanif . Hadi pulak terduduk depan masjid simpang 3 . Apalagi, turun situ je la . Met Irdina :D Hoyeahh . Minutes passed, Hanif's friends came then Maam . We made our way to the wedding, then epul came to invite us . We ate, met his mom and his niece, took pictures and talked . His niece, Abyana was sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee >.< Tak puas la dukung diaaaa :'( After giving her back to epul, I went back to the table saying "Awwwwwwwwwwwww, air liur baby tu ada dekat tudung >.<" . Kak Izati was like "Aina, its just a baby's saliva, chill" lol

Dah puas tangkap gambar, bual segala, hujan pun mula reda . Alhamdulillah, boleh balik! We walked back to the simpang tiga mosque and prayed . Since we don't wanna go home yet, me and maam decided to accompany Hanif for his haircut . Mwehe, dah cukup handsome dah sekarang ye bang? xP It was minutes till 6 o'clock, so me and Maam bid Hanif goodbye and took a cab back . I was finishing my mocha when I realized Hanif's hair was sticking to the cup, lol . Yeah, actually I had a blast that day . I'm happy xD kbyee lovees

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