Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ain't tryin to be stuck no more

The shoot was okay, but my mood wasn't t(-.-t)

Ya Allah, I thought this would be one quiet holiday . It didn't turned out the way I expected of course, especially today . I'm trying to control my emotions now, no more throwing stuffs or shouting it out to my friends . Its like disasters happen one by one . I feel like crying . But in the same time I'm telling myself that it'd be okay, and I should smile to make the anguish go away . Yes, I'm really trying to not go back to being vengeful or grumpy anymore . This is what I meant by changing . Yeah, I know theres more, but come what may . Give me the strength I need, guide me to the right path . I don't want to be careless until I forget myself and even you . Please don't let me drown in my emotions, they're taking over my head . Perhaps what I'm going through is the best . Maybe it can bring an advantage? Disadvantage? I have no idea . But I believe you will help me . Thank you for everything . Since the day I was born, till this moment . All praises to you, thank you so much :) 

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