Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knock 'em down

Assalamualaikum human :D How are you doing? How was your day? Pffffffffffffft, I'm trying to be polite but I don't think it worked -________-' Okay then, just now me, Zeenath and Nuqman posted and commented and chatted with each other at our group 2 Bestari is .... lol . Then, Nuqman brings up the topic about bowling

Yes, I'm absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably, no strings attached, beyond any doubt addicted to BOWLING and Hell Girl *Cett, tadek kaitan* I still remember my first bowl with Una and Kak Iman at wwm . First lane, I sucked lol . Paling benci time bola boleh terlepas dari tangan so tercampak kat belakang . My second bowl *itu pun kene paksa* with Hanif, Syamil and Salman . Hewhewww, pro terus . Cehhhhh . I've been so eager to go bowling ever since . So instead of doing nothing at home and feeling dead bored all weekend, the three of us planned a hang out for a friendly match . Risau korang ni pokai habis je cuti ni -.-' Especially yang transport tadek :\ I thought of gathering at school and go together . Baru nampak macam happy family \m/

Nanti balik Johor minggu depan harap ada bowling centre dekat hotel tu *Hotel ea Ibu?* Grr, out of patience . Hikhik, tak sabar giloo nak lawan dengan you oulss~ Semoga sekolah dapat tubuhkan Kelab Bowling 

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