Monday, October 4, 2010

Alya Farhanah

Now, you'll be looking at one of the best photos of
Alya Farhanah

Dear Alya Farhanah bt Mohd Tarmizee,

I know you're nervous cause I can feel what you're going through
Being the eldest in the family is hard .But you know the best way to handle your life .You're in the  tension zone since tomorrow's a BIG day
Mom was like "I know you can do it and try to loosen up and don't pressure yourself"

You Can Do It Kaklong !
Maybe you're still doubting but yeah, You'll get through it .You'll pass it through flying colours ! .You're such a bright girl I'm trying to be like you ! But not exactly like you 100% . I'm making you my role model . Duhh, You were the one saying "You need to practise not keep reading the same bullshit all over again" and "Ala, asrama memang macam tu . But you can't give up so soon" and finally "Theres always a next time, and thats if you really strive to do better than you were before" . Cheers to YAYA because you were the one leading me to be better and to believe in myself 

So now, Goodluck and all the best for PMR sister!
You know you'll always get what you want
Remember don't stress out . I don't want you ending up
blank when you're answering the papers .
May Allah Bless you Kaklong!

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