Monday, October 4, 2010

Trapped in Guiltiness

I feel so bad . Though I do not know what I did wrong towards him . But still,
I feel guilty so badly . Like I've done so many mistakes that its hard for him to forgive me . Everyday, I'd notice him passing by my class . Hes chatting with his friends . And everytime  we ran into eachother, we both felt completely shy our gaze won't met . I don't want anyone to be mistaken , because I think some think that I have a crush on him .

No, I don't want that to happen . All I wanted to be was like the old days . When we accidently ran into eachother, He/I'd smile at Me/Him . Just like when he pass by my class when I was sitting for my Sciene Paper . He smiled . It gave me a jolt of shock and I was freaking out . Then, I went totally blank because He was all that I could think of . Duhh, because of "The Incident" .  My point of view now is I'm not inlove but He seems really important to me . Like Bestfriends :)

Then, I viewed Hes profile at facebook . He posted a link on boarding school
registration . I broke down into tears all of the sudden . I updated my status saying
"Crying my eyes into tears"
Thank Allah someone understands . At that moment I knew next year would be so different . I don't think I could make it through knowing that 65% of the greatest friends of mine is gone . And it would still be different because He moved into a new house . So now, yes, I will cry after a few seconds . If You're reading this Crazo Twin, I want you to know,

Goodluck and all the best . 
I'll be missing such a great person like you .
May Allah Bless You Crazo Twin


  1. aina, i know whos that " crazo twin ". and i felt so guilty to do this, but nothing can change the fact that im goin to boarding school. except if im not accepted by the boarding school and im not goin anywhere. by and large, youll still be my best-seldom-talking sister forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. crazo twin - s againOctober 4, 2010 at 4:47 AM

    im cryin so bad in my heart now. idk why. but i can feel ur tears. ???????? whats that ? hey crazo twin, we'll hang out somewhere after pmr, with syamil, hanif and anyone. i hope u can go. ill plan that with syamil.

  3. again, i can't come up with some thing but > *emberassed and crying my eyes out in tears*

  4. now, im salman. hahaOctober 4, 2010 at 5:14 AM

    hahaha, stop it.

  5. I can't . eh betulkah what you said? about hanging out with you guys? its unbelievable

  6. *mengelap air mata dgn tishuuu , ainaaa . salmann , huuaaaaa . :'( ,

  7. now i'm afraid, aku takut budak yang akan bace nih buad tabloid lah -,- LOL . can i ask you guys something?

  8. what? read it again and you'll know what I mean