Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Usher to Maryam, Hanif and Syamil

Huh . Sumpah penat layan korang tiga nih . Mane tak nye . Sorang bersemangat pujuk datang sekolah esok demi Form3 . Seorang lagi tak habis habis perli . Manakal seorang lagi same je perli . Ape bala lah kene dekat aku nih . Wahh, my hands are even sleeping for me now .

Maam, sorry but I hope something good would turn out tomorrow for the both of us . Syamil, stop all that "salman" thing . Hanif, oh so doraemon childish . Finally it ends here, but the case is still full of unanswered questions . Do I really have that love kinda thing now?! I really don't think so . But what if I do? What if you guys are right ? I'm giving myself to the All - Mighty .

Oh, to Salman, Hanif and Syamil, You guys have to spend some money on this girl after PMR . Promise that okay? Haha, cakap memang sengan kan? Pray for my health . Insyallah I'll attend school tomorrow but I hope I'm not too weak as I am now . But I shouldn't be this weak . I've never felt so so so so so weak like this, its like I'm dying . If my fever is not gone by tomorrow, I'll be having another check up -.-


  1. damn '-.-, you're really pissing me off

  2. the same as you guys keep teasing me "salman" T.T HELP MEHH