Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Made Me Smile :)

LOL . I didn't expect he would read my post about him . But thanks a lot Maam . 
I was so happy yesterday! First of all, onlined my facebook and Maam sent a chat

"Salman on eh?"
I replied "OMG Yeah"

Clueless, Why'd she ask? Whatever . Leaving that one . Then check notifications and 
BLAHBLAHABLAH . Started replying everything . And started to joke around with Him . Then He sent a chat
"Aina . Pls type slowly . I'm tired"

I was laughing so hard! We stopped out chat for awhile because he didn't perform his Maghrib prayers yet . He performed the Wish Prayer too . Religious? yeah . But its really worth it since He'll be sitting for PMR today . BLAHBLAHBLAH . He post on my wall

"I read your blog" & "Read 100000x , commenting it"

He told me to read his comment and so I did . Viewing the comments, I broke down into tears . I never thought He would read my post or even my blog . Last night, He made me wearing a smile on my face . It proved, He is important . And now, I kept praying He'd pass the big exam. Not only Him, but also my sister and some other seniors of mine .Hey Brother! Goodluck and all the best for PMR !

Who is this guy I kept talking about?
 Mohd Salman bin Sazli


  1. Aina, delete the pictures. HAHAHA. Its kinda showing my whole face to everyone, and im not handsome. So, just delete 'em. HAHAHHA