Monday, October 11, 2010

Me and Milk

What is it with milk that I can't stand? I don't even know. Last week on Wednesday , as usual Ain brought more food for the class. Her Mom made Fried Rice and Cheesecake. Okay, at first I thought that her Mom's Cheesecake would be like Secret Recipe's until the moment I took a bite of it

Milk, ooooohhhhh maaaayyynnnnnn

I ran outside to the trashbin near 2 Amanah and immideately puked . Everyone was like "Aina, you okay?" and "Aina, kau sihat tak?" and "Aina, kau mengandung ke?" -.- Class of 1 Amanah's thoughts is really not what you really think it is. Anesa told me to tak a sip and gargle whatever thats making me puke again and again. Ain apologised because she didn't know that my body disagrees with milk. Not exactly all kinds of milk. Nevermind Ain, it wasn't your fault though! So guys, everyone has their likes and dislikes . But I don't really know why I can't drink or taste something that has that venomous milk in it. Keep that thing away from me so I won't puke on you :)

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