Sunday, January 30, 2011

My wish

Remember this guy?
Megat Umar Ryan
Your moving away today, right now, at this second . Off you go to German, the place you were born . I hope you'll find a better place there, fit in and strive to what you do best . Thanks for the memories brother, you still mean much to me . I forgive you dude, don't worry . Good friends okay? I'm always here if you need me . Congragulations for achieveing straight A's in your PMR, I'm proud of you . I'm gonna miss you, take care over there . Goodluck building a new life at German . I'm wishing you all the best . Say hey to Kak Ruhanz for me, I'm gonna miss her too . She's been a big help . And don't forget Amir too, dah lama tak cakap dengan dia . Farewell my friend, we'll meet again

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