Friday, August 26, 2011

I wanna go

Just got back from school (Y) And I'm not gonna come back for a week *raya punyaa pasal xD Thank you Raya!* Ramadhan has almost come to an end . Everyone is excited about the upcoming Eidulfitri . I can hear everyone talking about their new outfits and cookies they're baking . About open houses and duit raya . Haha, all those smiles everyone is wearing makes me happy

Since its the last day of school in Ramadhan today, the whole school is wishing their friends and teachers Happy Eidulfitri and asking for forgiveness . As if something lit up the school . Some are crying, some are laughing . Some are even jumping up and down because they received duit raya from their teachers . I couldn't do anything but smile at the moment, everyone seemed so happy . At the same time, I needed to finish up a card for Ustazah Haryati . Its her last day today, also the practical teachers . Huh, no more asking for vaseline from Cikgu Hafizah :(

I was sitting outside class looking out . Hajar tak habis-2 panggil Kak Ashe dengan Kak Balqis xD Then, noticed Kak Leya downstairs . LOL, terus jerit nama dia and she looked up . Apalagi, berlarila turun tangga! xD Nampak dia terus peluk kuat-2! She couldn't believe I was in blue this year . Yeah, I miss her so much *rindu dah terubatlah tuu kan* Mamu, rugi gilaa you tak datang tadi :( Rahman dengan Emanuel met me and told me that they're gonna come to my house . I thought it was a joke but the look on their faces tells me they're not playin t(-.-)

Till then, byee :D

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