Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nothing but happiness

Ain Afiqah, I just read your blog, your post about last Thursday . Ala ciannyeww kawan kiteww nieyh :( Aina to the rescue! xP

Firstly, janganlah sebut pasal aku pumping tu -.- Sumpah maluuuuuuuuu dohh . Chill, time silat kene buat more than 10 you know? Haha . Useful masuk silat, too much advantage xD Second, you didn't dissapoint me la Ain! Ya Allah, I'm not even mad at you . Look Ain, really its just a small thing honey :) I didn't mind if you didn't wanna help me with the bunga gula . After all, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't even wanna do it too . But since Ustazah Haryati needed someone to help give them out to all the teachers with the rushing situation and the busy look on her face, I stepped forward . Its not like I'm gonna get the chance to help her again right? After all, there couldn't be a reason why I'd get mad at you . Third, this is just the beginning for something much more than that Ain . You gotta be stronger and not run and hide in the closet . Crying doesn't mean your a baby . Ala, aku pun cengeng xD Infact, theres a lot more people out there who cries *actually everyone does -.-* Alhamdulillah, now you understand the burden I carry around . Some understood me, some made up rumors . Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and face what ever that's coming . One day, you're gonna one powerful woman, WOMAN . Insya'Allah if He wills it . Don't let yourself drown in your problems, you got your family! Your friends *your freaking classmates!* You got me! Cheer up kay? Teeehee

Lastly, Happy Eidulfitri guys, Ain . I didn't get the chance to apologize to everyone so, I'm just gonna do it here . Sorry for hurting your feelings, destroying your dignity . I know I'm not good enough but people make mistakes and they learn . From white to balck, in a wink of an eye . From black to white, it takes a long time . Let bygone be bygone and have a new start . Haters, I forgive you but I owe you a thank you . I'm not that vengeful kind of type anymore *I've changed, yipee! xD* So I'm not keeping any hard feelings, it feels gooooooooood, muahaha xD . Stay safe, have a blast