Friday, August 19, 2011

Hung out with Eliot this morning . Zahar and Mimi are sleeping . I don't wanna bother them by blowing up their cellphone just to ask them to come down . Let them be, maybe they're tired . Eliot dah pakai Samsung Galaxy dahhh xD Ibu pun pakai Samsung Galaxy Gio *tunggu weyh, aku kerja kuat-2 dapat la aku nanti!* Dia ajak teman jalan pegi 7E dekat The Store . I hesitated at first . Duhh, orang lain gerenti pikir lain . It was fun :)

He bought me Mars, thank you buddy . On the way home, we talked about the upcoming Eidulfitri . This year, he's wearing red, and I'm gonna be in yellow which sucks a lot t(-.-) He started babbling about all the open houses he has to go to, duit raya and all that Eidulfitri stuff . I told him that I'm gonna go to work, he burst into laughs . He said "Kau ni, baru fourteen dah kerja? Hebat siot" Mwehe xP Then, there comes this awkward silence . I started talking about the things that are happening to me right now . It gets harder and harder each day and the fact that I'm hurting everyone around me . I don't know what to do about it but I'm trying to be patient *Tuhan je yang tahu macam mana aku rasa sekarang* Dia pulak, kene tuduh padahal guilty . Hmm, redha jela Elias . Maybe this is the best for us, we never know

Balik rumah, sahur . So now tengah tunggu azan Subuh berkumandang . K, byeee

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