Friday, August 26, 2011

Working on it

Okay, since I lost my phone, I've been working for the money . Dad still doesn't know . Hoping he doesn't find out till I replace it . So last Wednesday, me and Zeenath surfed the Internet . We checked out Samsung, Nokia, Huawei . Nahhh, no more Samsung Galaxy Gio :P Huawei Android is kinda cool but, nahhhh . Finally, I found the one :3


Haihhh, geram aku tengok phone ni . Guess harga dia on sale right now :]

RM 1399

Biasa la tu . Phone comel, harga pun nak comel jugok . Haaaaaaa, I got a long way to go to get this baby, wish me luck on that


  1. Thankies Ain :') Eh, terharu tau baca post kau pasal hari Khamis