Friday, August 26, 2011

Sweet little past

I remembered last Friday night Aspuri had this meeting where everyone are saying sorry, wishing goodluck for upcoming exams and crying . Badar too actually but, they insisted Aspuri's Badar to go to that sesi-berminta-maaf . I was fine, saying sorry and hugging some seniors and juniors . Some recalled memories, about us living in the same dorm and how it used to be . Then came Kak Jera

My eyes started to get all watery and stuff . Its gonna be different next year . No more staying up late listening to her ghost stories or telling the whole story of a novel . No one else is gonna be in the dorm if I'm going to school late . No one else pushing me to appreciate an admire . Its great to live in the same dorm with her . Then Kak Amni, my bedmate xD Haaa, no more seeing her sleep everytime I get back from school . No more getting mocks from her . No one offering food xD Then, Kak Nabilah . That time, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore . I cried out everything . No one else to run to about Scouts anymore . No one to talk to about Kelana or an admire . No one who reminds me of Kak Faqihah but her . Gosh, lagi teruk nangis *cengang gilaa na -.-* After that, Kak Sa'adah pulok . Once nangis memang susahla nak berhenti kan . No more hearing her sing while we're all spooked out listening to ghost stories . No one else to run to when it comes to guys . No one asking how they look . No more getting teased at school everytime we run into each other . I'm sure gonna miss all that

Never thought I could this close with them *dah kau asingkan diri sape suroh -.-*  Oh, and because of them jugak, I'm reading malay novels -.- Hahaha xD Ni pun belum habiskan lagi novel Selagi Ada Dia . Aishh, kalau tengah kumpul dengar senior cerita pasal novel, semua angau nak kahwin cepat xP Haha . Badar Aspura dah tunggu lama, so I stopped halfway . I didn't get the chance to shake hands with my own batch . Bukan rezeki kau Aina :') Well first, Badar Aspuri form 2 semua plan nak cabut naik asrama . But, last meeting, pergi je la kan . Exco kita dah lari dulu =.= Haa, kitaorang pun pandai-2 la cover jawab soalan, haha . Tah kenapa tibe-2 sayang pulak dengan asrama tu . Tunggu la, form 3 nanti I'm gonna work my tail off and nail all the exams and get out of there . Then, I'm gonna study abroad and make money there and come back to prove everyone that I can . Then, kahwin xD Haha, Insya'Allah

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