Saturday, April 30, 2011

The end of the road

Prince Charming, I mintak maaf sangat sangat . But, I have to end this . I can't keep lying to myself anymore . I'm sorry we reached the end of the road for real this time . No more staying up late hearing you play the song Living In Your Eyes . No more extreme jokes . No more forever yours . Take care, I really hope we'd be friends . You really don't need to block me instantly . I malas la nak gaduh dengan you . Bestfriends okay? Have a great life young guitarist, soon to be a successful person in the future . You know the song My Wish from Rascal Flatts? Please listen to it if you have the time . I reckon the next girl whose going to fall in your arms is lucky . I don't jus say it, but I mean it . Thanks for loving me, I'm only hoping for the best from you . Blessed be :)

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