Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Walk

Finally home! Just got home lastnight . Great . Yesterday, I participated in the Kawad Kaki Pengakap Peringkat Daerah, we won thrid place! Yeay! Its worth it you know? We've only practised for a week . And Abang Ipan was like "It's going to be a miracle for you guys" LOL . Plus, only four schools sent their girls scouts for the competition . So, no wonder we won second last! The best part was that, we marched in the heavily pouring rain . I was shaking to death wearing those wet uniforms . Then the sun came up, I'm gooooood xD

In the bus? With low-temperatured air conditioners, yeah, you can tell everyone was shaking . Arrived at school and took pictures with the team and then hit 7e and the restaurant next to it *sorry, tak ingat nama restaurant tu xD* with Maisarah Fuad, Afiqah Rahma and Nur Fatin Hannani . Ate nachos and cheese . Never knew Maisarah was a big fan of cheese too! Rahma and Fatin went home first leaving the two of us . We made our way to the hostel to pack and clean up . Then, went downstairs and chatted at the big stairs . Maisarah was finishing my Cheese Crackers . I told her to take it home with her . Then her mom came and she immideately ran outside . I chased her but, I'm worn out! So, I finished it alone instead

Maam called, thank you :) And thanks for teh necklace honey . Okayy, I was so bored I took a walk around the school ground . Aizat called *jawab je laah* Suddenly, a dog was barking at my way . Okay, guess you guys know what happened next kann? Kene kejar dengan anjing lagii sekali -____- Lari lintang pukang! xD Dahlah tengah on the phone =.= Sakai gilaa . Last last, I just sat down with an innocent face, trying to catch my breath in my dorm . Called HIM <3 . Babyfaced? Hahahhahaa . Went home late . I reached home, I landed myself on my bed and fell asleep! That explains how exhausted I was, and I still am exhausted now to have the strength to go back to school

Tomorrow, penyampaian hadiah for kawad . Kene pakai uniform -.- . Khamis nanti baru dapat pakai baju sekolah yang putih suci xD Homeworks? Don't ask . Its still going to be a busy week . Where the heck did my voice went? I need it back for the Choral speaking on my birthday . Thank You Allah! Otherwise, kene tepung la kalau ada koko -________- I'm done here, deuces people :D

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