Saturday, April 2, 2011


Seriously I'm sooooooooo bored today . The best part of today is bought Caramel Frappucino and a new phone charger . Facebook? Chatted with Kak Mayamin, Farid, Hanif and Hakim :) *Yang lain tak ingat xD* Oh, has anyone noticed that theres a lot of ghost stories this April . I've seen Penanggal, Setan Budeg and Khurafat *AGAIN* tonight . Except for the movie Amusement . It was about some mad man . And then theres this upcoming series > Misteri Alam Hitam and so on I can't remember . But seriously, this gives me the creeps . It's APRIL and theres a lot of eerie movies and series coming on the month I was BORN . Mimi, Zahar, Elias, you guys are gonna have to walk me till I get inside my house . I mean that

MEF, you're joking right? You've been pulling the same prank on me . I don't think it works this time :P And don't make it happen for real . You know that I care for you . Please, don't give up on me

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