Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy as ever

It's Sunday! Going back to school laterr . Okay, tak tidur lagi nii =.= LOL . And sorry to Maam, Hakim and Mimi . Especially Maam and Mimi . Maam, sorry tak jawab calls, I'm trying to get not so addictive to texting anymore xD Oh and you should try and listen to the song You're Not Stubborn from Two Door Cinema Club . And Mimi, sorry because you had to walk me and watch me get into my house xD Okay, I'm a scaredy cat . So what? Everyone has something they fear about :) Lastnight, I finished packing earlier so that I get to practise this morning, and I did until around 1 p.m.? Nahh, can't remember xD

Kak Amelia bebel panjang lagii xD LOL, sorry Kak . I can't take it too serious, cause I'll lose my mind . And thanks for teaching me :) Public speaking? Unprepared! Hahahahahhahahahahaha . To Miss Anonymous, seriously lets talk about it . I don't know who you are and what I did to you that makes me a pain in the ass to you . We should talk not FIGHT . Fighting is getting old and it seems to me that you're not mature enough . Sorry but no offense, I just wanna talk and not FIGHT . Get my point? Deuces Miss anonymous :D

Hope this week won't be so hectic . Take care people :)

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