Friday, April 29, 2011


This is one is special for you Zahar . I'm really sorry for what happened to your family . I wish I was there by your side . No wonder just now you kept on strumming the same chords over and over again . And sorry, aku tak ingat laa tajuk dia . Sekarang dah :D Down to Earth by Justin Drew Bieber . At first, I don't get the story . But then, you were in tears  telling me about your parents . Life is a rough road my dear friend and its just the beginning . You haven't seen anything yet

Zahar, you can go through this kan? I know you're stronger than me . You can overcome these obstacles . You won't let anything get in your way . Everything  happens for a reason . Everyone in your life is here for a reason . Don't let it bring you down . Forever Strong Brother :)

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