Friday, April 1, 2011

Digging deep

This week has been hectic and crazy and busy . Everything was coming at once . It's like to kill 6 birds with one stone . I tried to balance everything, I knew I couldn't . I gave the best I could but still, I couldn't manage to do everything at a time . Unless I have 6/7 of me . Homeworks? Don't even ask . I've missed classes and theres a lot I need to work on . I don't know if I could catch up with everyone else in the class . I've been so tired and that just messes up my mind
MONDAY, 28th MARCH 2011
 I needed to show up for Public speaking auditions, Debate auditions, Prefects meeting, Silat and the Persatuan Pantun SMKSP's discussion . These 5 events were happening at once . I didn't get the oppurtunity to show up for Silat and the Persatuan Pantun SMKSP's discussion . But, my dreams came true . I'm a prefect, I'm a debater, I'm a Public Speaker reserve and the school's DJ xD About the DJ thing, its kinda funny xD I don't know why! LOL . Tears started to hit the floor . I felt uneasy, not overwhelmed . I cried infront of Maam then chatted with Fatimah, Fatin and Maam . That put my mind off about for awhile, JUST for awhile
Then came along Badan Dakwah dan Rohani Asrama . I pushed aside my homeworks, focusing on just debate . I was under loads of pressure . Oh, and we lost . We're on the government team for the motion "This house believes that beauty is more important than brains in todays world" . Heck, of course we lost! xD Everybody knows that BRAINS is more important than beauty =..= Anyways it was fun! Extremely fun! I wanna do this again *HEHE*
I talked with Maam from the end of school hours until 3.30 p.m. . Ate 3 ice-creams today xD I made my way upstairs to check my class . I went through my books and found my English Essay book . I've been waiting for them! Wow, I aced all three of my essays . There's even cmompliments saying "You guys are such good friends" and "Nice lyrics!" and more xD Now that is what I call satisfaction :) My phone's dead and the charger isn't working, heh, okay that's not satisfaction -.-' Gosh . Prince Charming, its hard to contact you now . I miss you

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