Friday, May 6, 2011

Turn it down

I don't think I can control my anger now . I keep breaking down in tears and I easily give up now . What went wrong?

Once again guys, I'm sorry if I'm not the perfect BADAR for you guys . I've begged Kak Aqilah but, she just won't yank me out . She said everyone can change . Yeah, I know that . But change takes time . We can't immediately be an angel the next day . That would only happen for a few days . Because so far, all those medicine would only work for a couple of days, to me . Now its like I wake up at the wrong side of life everyday . Of course I'm tired of being sad and angry all the time . Who doesn't? And it's been affecting my health lately . Headaches all day long . Oh and, If I wanna be friends, I be friends . I be friends with you sincerely, not for fame, boys or anything else . ANYTHING ELSE . Got that right? I think I said this too many times . But just to make sure you guys could keep this in mind >> If you don't know anything, just be quiet . Don't start talking . Don't start making up stories . Don't start acting smart . Everything happens for a reason darling . Just let it be ;)

I'm worn out . Irfan, sorry for shouting at you the other day . I couldn't stand it anymore . I had to explode . Revenge . Long time no see you my friend . I'm sorry but I don't accept visitors like you

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