Friday, May 6, 2011

Where is the love

This year banyak musim kan? Musim hujan la, musim sakit la, musim homework la, musim busy la and musim ape benda lagi entah . Tapi this time, musim HEARTBROKEN

Why heartbroken? Its because everyone is fighthing, they have misunderstandings, they feel jealous, they seek revenge and of course too much crying . The best part is, everyone wants to win, no one is willing to compromise . Semua ego tinggi melangit, keras kepala en . Kalau macam tu, when will the war end? How can you smile if you're stuck in your dark past? Just move forward and you'll live a happy life . To the ones yang dah move on tu, no offense lah ea . Remember forgive and forget? What happened to it? Fair weather friend ke korang ni? Punyalah en dulu, when theres no one else for you to turn to, you came crying to me, well us . And then, main pijak pijak kepala pulaaak en -___________- Hahaha . Itu bukan bestfriends namanyaa sayang . Tapi hanya tempat untuk mengadu nasib . Hey dude, I'm human TOO and I got my own feelings TOO . So, why not everyone think of everyone else and not be so selfish . Moving on, susah kan untuk kita semua berfikiran positif sekarang . Thats from my own experince . Semua main judge the book by its cover . Last last, haaaaa amik kau . One more thing, don't try and make a fuss out of something that is so small . Haa, tu problem you guys . Kalau tak, janganlah rasa bersalah pulak . Adoyaai

Lastly, What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down ;)

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