Sunday, May 8, 2011


Lastnight was exhausting . Pergi rumah Uncle Sazli for a bbq . Jam gilaaa -.- so sampai sana at around 9.40 p.m. . Sepatutnyaa maghrib dah sampai but, entah xD Mom buat triffle, yummm . The bbq was quite fun, just a bit . Dahlah kene tengok Akademi Fantasia -.- Menyesal gilaaa tengok xD While watching AF, texted Daniel and Syahmi . Syahmi kept on pushing me to come to SKSP's Sport's Day this morning . Invited Shafiq, Ehsan and Athifah . Shafiq couldn't come . Ehsan, loaded with homework . Athifah, maybe . Turned out that Athifah showed up *Aku yang semangat ajak datang, aku yang tak datang, LOL, baguss* Too much Fried Rice, tummy ache . All of the sudden I wanted to call MEF

"I tried my best to keep you with me"
Muhammad Erza Fachreza

We made up lastnight . I was in tears once again . Thank God dia tak hung up macam last Friday night . Afifi demam . Get well soon ea buddy? I'm proud of your spirit . Demam pun still buat show . Well done brother :) Aiman, thank you for those words you said to MEF . Am I different? LOL, don't think so . As we talked on the phone, I explained why I had to end our precious relationship . He told me that Maam told him that there was this one day I came crying to her saying that I don't wanna be a BADAR nor live a hostel life anymore . I can never forget that day . Guys, I'm sorry . They were short a member of the team . I just wanted to help them win the explorace . I couldn't stand seeing them begging me to join the team . And plus, its maths, and I love maths . Heck, join je laa en . Damn, accidently changed the topic -.-

He wanted to go on with the relationship but I can't . Look, lets think it through first ea? Hey, bila you nak unblock I huh -.- Ishh . My head is starting to spin again . My stomach pulaaak sudah lapar . Heee, byeee

from left ; Aiman, Erza and Afifi

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