Saturday, May 21, 2011

Make me wanna smile




hasib syok kat ko,,

ingatkan dah jumpa orang baru -.-
Syuhaizat is offline.

Okay, aku mati mati ingat dia nak bagitau any information on Kelab Anti Dadah *yelah, pengerusi kaan* Rupa rupanyaaa, LOL xD Nice one Jad -.-

Lastnight, slept at 3o'clock in the morning . Belajar guitar dengan Zahar . Itupun sikit jea . Because dah syok menulis . While learning, I was texting Aizat . Then Zahar wanted to talk to him . Biarlah, asalkan dia bahagia :D This morning pulaaak, I spent all the time I had for jogging . Suddenly Mom rang at around 10 a.m. telling me to rush home for breakfast . Kayyy . Then buat reasearch lagu Justin Bieber yang new *Digital the best <33333* Bieber Fever is coming back :O Nahhhhh xD 

Today, picked up Mom's new car . This time, no shawls but back to scarfs . Weird, its been a long time since I wore one . Ibu tanya "Diaorang tak marah ke kalau tengok BADAR macam ni?" Then the both of us burst into laughs! Texted Amir :D  Hihi, I missed you man! Thanks for the support for all these years kay buddy . Those books I brang back home to STUDY is pushed aside xD Its no use if I bring back my homeworks or books . Right now, I'm still on Facebook . Chatting with Ayman, Daniell, Irfan, Hakim, Zati, Aliah and Amira . I can't get off the computer today . Its the only chance I get before tomorrow comes :(

Okay, I'm done here now, Sweet dreams people :)

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