Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back home

The guitar camp was freaking awesome man! It was great that mom and dad gave us the green light . It was a chance for me to learn some baby steps and keep on striving my hardest . It was incredible! Everyone, Everything! Its like a whole new Malaysian version of Camp Rock XD The first day, I was late -.- Jumped on the bus, Ikmal pandang lain macam T.T Checked in room B401 at Ibrhaim Yaakub college . The best part of the room was the bed . Dapat group 5, its for beginners . Our job was kinda easy . We strum the easiest note while the others strum the chords . Its like we're playing the bass . And the food was incredibly delicious but the menu was like what the asrama DM serves us . Haha

Everytime after practising the two songs "1000 guitar" and "Malaysia Inovatif" there must be someone or band who wants to perform on stage infront of 1060+ participants . After that, lucky draw . You'll get a free guitar if you're one of the lucky people among the crowd . DSLR everywhere! And we get to meet Adibah Noor, Stacy, Faizal Tahir, one of the guitarist from Ekspedisi and Crystal and my little junior dancers! I noticed my little Asyraf wearing that yellow baju melayu on stage . I forgot the girl wearing pink with two pony tails name, but she was my favourite . I figured to go see them, but time was stoping me. Hanif was there for me all the time . He'd been accompanying me from the moment I was in the bus until last night when the show ended . Not to forget the Amazing rockstar Una and Fantastic Miss Maam . You guys are the best I've ever had! I was so scared I might mess up . Well it happened . I was having my nap . Then suddenly everyone started strumming the guitar . I slapped my face and followed on . I hope no one caught that on televison or else it'd be embarrassing! I was pretty pissed because no one woke me up . Thank Allah, I memorized the notes

Before the show, we had senam robik which was kinda like a party . Then lagu senam seni that I know so well xD Jo was amazing! He was dancing his feet off! Sumpah senam robik paling gempak in the history of my life . Tadi, time balik rase macam taknak je pulanakan kunci bilik :'( Its the last day dapat jumpa diaorang . Next year probably buad dua sesi . Yuyu balik awal gile pulak tuh . Habis show, balik UKM, balik rumah. To Una, Kak Iman, Sam, Yaya, Hanani, Yuyu, Nina, Syamil, Mahmud, Izzat, Qidin, Asyraf, Hakimi, Zakirin, Anas, Airaz and Erza . 
Thanks for making the camp a blast with your friendly atitude and jokes that made me wearing a smile on my face eventhough I was sleepy or tired . It was great spending time with you guys . To those whose name is not mentioned, I'm sorry . Last words, Flipping Fantastic