Tuesday, November 30, 2010


People like you are stupid, dumb, you know that? I'm sorry but I'm so angry with you guys . Well, please make it stuck in your damnation head . Aku sangat bengang dan tak faham . Its freaking confusing man . When I do anything, ade je yang nak tikam lidah, anak je nak marah, ade je yang nak its-all-your-fault . I'm losing my patience now . I thought holding back my anger was best, it is . But I want you guys to know a piece of my mind . Do you know whats my intention? You think I wanna do it just to make people more pissed at me? Think again, asshole

I really wanted to tell you guys that I'm going for that hang out yesterday . But how am I suppose to tell with RM0.00 cents? I didn't even know dad would let me go to that hang out pun . I thought dad would bring up the old "incident" again and again . But the opposite happened .Yang terasa, I'm really sorry . But I'm so angry that you guys are pissed with me when I don't have any intention to not tell you guys, I really wanted to, but how? BLANK. So thank you . You guys really know how to make my day . I'm so pissed at you guys man . Dengan result teruk macam gile -.- Dapat 2A tapi nombor7 . Tak masuk akal . Sejarah punya markah pulak salah . Itu memang bukan tahap budak amanah . Dengan anonymous buduh tuh, dengan budak eliot kuat jealous tuh, dengan my dad . And then korang nak buad lagi satu isu . Serious my mood now is getting worse than ever . I can kill myself whenever I want to but that would only make things worse

To Maam, congrats newly weds, hope that special bond you're having nowlasts forever . And I still need my mry card . To Hanif, thank you so much for being such comfort and a good listener all the time . To my phone, please be shitless can you? Baling kau, pecah, padan muke xD To Irdina, Thanks for convincing me to convince Dad . To Farid, Thank you for knowing the truth . Ya Allah, Pease ease my road . I am still trying my best to be strong but I think nothing changed but it gets "better" and "better" all the time . I hope you give me the strength to go through this bumpy road . I really wish the haters could open their eyes and figure out the truth . Thank you for everything Ya Allah :)


  1. mane husna? da la u invite die last2 minute.. and u tak pergi pon?hmm. thats ok! but please i dont want to be ms.nobody ok?

  2. who are you? i'm not gonna answer any anonymous quest, so better mention your name . sorry for being kinda pissed, things are not okay now