Friday, November 5, 2010

Not that kind of girl

I'm soooooooooo tired I don't know why . Lack of sleep? nahh . Maybe its the never ending drama . I just wanna runaway . But problem keeps catching me up . Its like jumping off a building . But in the end, problems save us . Sometimes they got me thinking, if I was killed in an accident or murdered, what will happen to my family? friends? haters?
My answer is, some would cry . Maybe they would loss focus . Then, they'd wish they died with me . And some would smile . Thinking what a fresh start for them to begin . How peaceful life is without me . How did I know? By the people surrounding me . 
Some see me as this fcuked up stich who doesn't have a life . They see me as a proud girl, who had a fancy life, so easy on getting what she wants . They see me as a player . Fooling boys in realtionships . They see me as a shiny fake plastic, useless, talking lies and condemning people around . And they see me as a disaster . But some see me as this honest girl, a great friend . They see me struggling, suffering in life . They know me as a happy girl who hides the pain from letting people know . They see me with my eyes filled with tears because of losing the people she loves again and again . Because of how drama keeps puting on a play in her life . Because this is what Allah wants her to go through .

Am I an angel? Or just a stich who fell to earth? Majority, there are so many haters of mine . Oh, don't think I don't know the things you talked about me behind my back . If your not satisfied with me, talk . Not sit in silence and fake being all goody-goody infront of me . I wish to smack these words infront your face because I don't know until when can you still hide things from me when I already knew from the beginning . So stop faking and be honest! Hom much longer can you hide with that disguise? So haters if you're reading this, you know you're judging the book by its cover . You just know what you saw but you don't know my intentions . Get a life .  
Hate me all you want cause I'll always will be me

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