Sunday, November 7, 2010

Put Upon

"Theres a lot more of me coming for you miss. Get ready for the ride of your life"

I cried myself to sleep last night . Why is everything pressuring me . I an't seem to understand . I knew it, I knew one day my family would split up . Tomorrow is my living skills paper . I don't think I could concentrate while having this big dilema burdening me . Haven't they think of whose hurt? Who lost focus? Never
Its hard when people don't know the truth and blame who they think is responsible for . I hate those kind of people, just like ... Its not right, when can they open their eyes and listen to the person who knows what s actually going on . When this happens, the bickering never ends . I couldn't stop the tears from running down my cheek . I would've died if the bickering went on until midnight . Instead, I cried myself to sleep with a shattered soul . Its not fair that they blame innocent people . I stand up for them because I know the truth .

I'm afraid to console with them and thats because they're bigger than me and I know they're stubborn because they always think they're right . I'd like to stab levers to death for making something small to a complicated mess . They should clean them up because they were the one causing it . I'm tired having these people around . I'm tired of hearing those bickering every day . I'm tired of them to lever with timber . I'm tired of breaking down in tears . Hanif, thanks for the comfort . Please make up guys . I can't help it seeing our strong bond weakens

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